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    Valerian Root

    Sorry for being so lazy.. I looked at past posts on this herb, and couldn't find what I was looking for. There seems to be many here that have experience with herbals. So, my question is.. How long is it safe to take Valerian root for sleep problems? I currently take Trazadone and find...
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    Hello, I'm Suzie Q

    I have recently been experiencing some symptoms that lead me to believe that I might have to do more trauma work concerning my past sexual abuse issues. I have worked hard over the years on them, but apparently something else needs to be processed. I remember the posts on another forum talking...
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    What A Rush!

    Well here I am at my parents house trying to spend a holiday week with them and family from Texas. It was really good to see them since it had been over 20 years and the cousins are grown now. Last time I saw them they were toddlers. They have grown up nicely!! I was going along enjoying...
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    How Am I Supposed To Have Thanksgiving With My Perpetrator?

    I have recently reconnected with my parents after many years of therapy, maturity, and a recent surgery with my father. I guess I just got to a place where my ability to protect myself (in my bubble of safety!) and being tired of feeling like a victim caught up with me. It must be true that as...
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    Looking Over Your Shoulder

    One of the problems I have that I hate is my constant paranoia of being attacked. Over the years, I've never been able to release that fear. I'm social and don't always stay at home (although at one point I didn't leave the house for 3 years.) I'm always on edge day or night. I find myself...
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    Brother Is A Registered Sex Offender

    Just as I'm trying to figure out how to handle some of the anxiety this condition causes, I recently found out that my only little brother is now a registered sex offender. He told my parents that he had gotten drunk back in 1994 and was babysitting two 8 year old girls and molested them. My...
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    What If Your Spouse Is PTSD Also?

    My spouse has noticed my extra long computer sessions of late and wondered what I was doing. I explained that I had found a new place to process new info on my PTSD. He asked why I didn't ask him for help. I explained what I had learned, on the forum so far, (which has been bunches). I knew...
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    Why Are There So Many Members That Don't Post

    If you are in pain, I would think this would be the place to start your journey. I have seen many here with therapy histories and have read a couple hundred threads of persons who have posted and they seem to be saying the same're in a place of healing, we can help. So many that...
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    Would like someone to discuss local meetings that are close and gain more knowledge on starting one if not available now.
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    Looking For Experience, Strength, And Hope

    After posting two entries, and receiving immediate responses to both, a ray of sunshine came into me. I really first believed that if I opened up a little about myself that no one would really give me any feedback. I don't know why. I have always tried to trust in the process, and most of the...
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    Can There Be Quality Of Life With PTSD?

    Hello everyone! What a great idea to have a forum for those of us who suffer with this disease. I ran across this site while looking for more information on depression. I have been having terrible mood swings lately and know the importance of keeping up with the medications and symptoms. I...