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    Looking for opinions - qualifying for social security disability due to PTSD?

    Topic of discussion is social security disability and do I qualify because of my PTSD? Where to start, I guess here in Syracuse there are not many disability doctors readily available or I guess noticeable to the naked eye waltzing the streets on a normal day. I'm curious more on our level as...
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Currently listening to PYT by Michael Jackson baby!
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    No one takes my nightmares and flashback seriously or seems to believe them

    I agree one hundred percent here. Maybe not even feel like they don't believe me but more like I feel like a nuisance because of the feelings I'm experiencing and am definitely not wrong for that. Nor are your feelings a joke or to be question ed by anyone. Thy the ones that have no business or...
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    Undiagnosed I need help diagnosing and treatment of my PTSD

    Well I imagine like everyone else here I have sort of trauma which is no greater or lesser of value than anyone of yours. I am by any means no better than anyone else out there. We're all human an I believe we are allotted so many in a lifetime before one damages their memory of the world as we...