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    Physical Injury Treatment Triggering Ptsd

    Hi, I haven't been on here for a long time but things aren't so good at the moment. I injured my leg in a car crash. It wasn't serious. I sought medical help at the time and ongoing since. In the last 3 months I been getting injections into my tendon at the hospital. The pain is intense and...
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    Lack Of Movement While Sleeping

    Sleep has always been a major problem from me. I used to lash about a lot, could never keep a duvet on and was generally really, really restless when I got any sleep at all. However, my sleep has steadily improved. Now its pretty good most nights but just recently I seem to have stopped moving...
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    The End Of Therapy

    Hi everyone, I've not been on here for a while but I thought it might help to post that I've finally finished therapy. I can go back if I need to but we've officially finished. I'm still getting used to the idea and it's hard not having anyone to talk to but in another way its a very good thing...
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    How Do You Know When You Are Recovering From Ptsd?

    I have had PTSD for a while, years, and I am starting to think, how do you know when you are improving? what is the difference between the plateu in recovery, and recovery? I feel like I'm stagnant, no new recovery, no new battles to face, but I'm still depressed... Does anyone have experience...
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    Hey, Newbie Here.

    Hi, My name is Claire and I'm just looking for support overcoming this hurdle. Looking to make new friends with similar issues and experiences, and am happy to talk to anyone. I'm from Adelaide, Australia, and I'm a 22 year old woman. -Claire
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    How Does PTSD Evolve In The Brain?

    I've been thinking about this for a while and would like other peoples ideas please. The question is, how does PTSD spread in a person? Is it like a forest fire? Starting at one place with smaller fires popping up around it? Is all the damage done with one impact? I feel I developed PTSD...
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    BBC Shows on PTSD

    I've just finished listening to the Jeremy Vine show. He has a talk show on BBC Radio 2 and yesterday one of the topics was PTSD. In the evening on BBC1 the Panorama show was about 'The Trauma Industry'. You can see or listen to both programmes again on the BBC website. Both programmes have...
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    How To Finish Therapy

    After many years I'm planning/hoping and thinking about finishing therapy. My question is this, after years of support how do you stop and go it alone? I dont have much of a support network but I do have some friends I can talk to. So do I stop totally or plan to go back for a sort of...
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    How Does Bullying Lead To PTSD?

    My question is, How does bullying lead to PTSD? When you look at the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis does it come under physical assualt?
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    Happy Birthday Lisa!

    Happy Birthday Lisa, now go and turn off the tv AND the computer and get out and enjoy yourself! Have a good day :occasion:
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    Sleep is Improved Now

    I have recently been working hard on my trauma and my sleep is massively improved. The question is I now feel like I need loads of sleep eg. 10 hrs. I'm not complaining as I used to struggle every night and lived on very little sleep for years. This is quite a big change though. Has anyone else...
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    Playing My Sax

    Its a small but significant victory. I played my sax today for the first time in around 3 years and it didn't scare me. Scared my dog but we'll have to work on that! :smile:
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    Asian People and Dog Walking

    As this forum is a mixture of cultures I wondered if there's anyone out there that can answer a question for me. Is there anything in Asian culture that would explain a dislike of dogs? When I walk my dog many Asian people will cross the road to avoid me. Any ideas? What's the reason? I dont...
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    Physical Exercise Makes Me Scared

    I've started going to the gym again. Physical exercise is really, really important to me and keeping myself well. I've recently started getting scared there though. I had this problem ages ago when I first developed PTSD, it went away but now its back. When I exercise my body produces adrenaline...
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    Where Are All The Men?

    Its just occured to me that there are very few blokes on this forum. Is this because more women get PTSD than men or that men just find it harder to talk about it and are less likely to post? It would be very good to have a few more male voices on here to balance things out a bit.
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    Fighters Not Quitters

    Recently the forum seems to have a load of 'woe is me' kind of stories in it. I know this is where people are at this moment for them but I'm personally kind of fed up with it. I sometimes feel people are manipulative and overly needy, not of me but in general of other people here. I dont...
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    General Ask More Questions - Post More Polls

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at the carers section and lot recently and also read a post of Anthony's about the Polls section on here. I wanted to encourage you to ask more questions and use the Poll section as much as you want to. The Polls section is a great way of getting an answer to...
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    What is Thanksgiving?

    What is Thanks giving day celebrating exactly? Is it the harvest? if so, why is it in November? Sorry for my ignorance but we dont have it here in England.
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    Positive User Names

    I've noticed a few more negative user names on here recently. Nothing personal to any of those users but I think people need to think of a positive name! After all, finding this forum and registering are massively positive steps, so how about a good positive name too? :smile: Call yourself a...
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    Introduction Section - All These New Sufferers

    This may sound silly but its been bothering me for some time. Does anyone else have trouble looking in the Introductions section? I find it so depressing and sad. All these new people with PTSD. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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    To Change My Username or Not?

    Hello reallydown, I've been thinking the same thing about your name. Not ganging up on you or anything! but how about something a little less really down? :kiss:
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    Sleeping With The Enemy - Car Noises

    I'm still having trouble getting used to sleeping in the new house I've moved to. I've tried earplugs and they do help but I'm restless and I keep knocking them out. I wake up frightened all the time when I hear traffic. Cars are the enemy. I am better when I can see them for some reason. I have...
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    Claire's Mental Imagery

    // Start The Road Interview "copy between the tags" // This is an imaginery journey down a road. Take in the sights, sounds and colours, just like a video camera recording all that lies surrounding you. Survey the scene, noticing whatis far off in the distance, the background surrounds, the...
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    Chatty? Looking For Chat

    Anyone fancy a chat?:smile: I haven't found anyone in the chat room for ages.
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    Guns in America

    I am little unsure of writing this as I do not want to upset anyone and know this is a sensitive subject for many. My question is, why do the American people feel it necessary to carry or have the right to carry guns? It seems so strange in what is supposed to be a sophisticated society that...