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    Physical Injury Treatment Triggering Ptsd

    It is the triggering the PTSD, without a doubt. Yes, I got PTSD from a car crash. I don't want to go to the doctor. I've got an appointment with the therapist on Friday but I'm not sure it's going to help. I've also bought some over the counter sleeping pills today. I really don't want to take...
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    Physical Injury Treatment Triggering Ptsd

    Hi, I haven't been on here for a long time but things aren't so good at the moment. I injured my leg in a car crash. It wasn't serious. I sought medical help at the time and ongoing since. In the last 3 months I been getting injections into my tendon at the hospital. The pain is intense and...
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    Do You Tell Your Therapist How Bad You Feel?

    I have something with my therapist we call The Headlines. I say, I've got lots of things I want to talk to him about and he says ok, give me the headlines. So that might be: Sleep (lack of), nightmares, sounds of cars, work pressure. It can include whatever but then he at least knows. Then we go...
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    Do You Tell Your Therapist How Bad You Feel?

    I think you have to tell them everything. There's no point otherwise. You aren't going there to make them feel good. You are going to get better. They can't do there job if they only have half the information. I'm not saying it's easy. You need to trust your therapist but you can't go and hold...
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    Safe Place Imagery

    I've worked on this with my therapist. It helps me a lot. Its a place that's safe for me to go to. I've got a few and I decided that with one fictitious place that I would add something extra each time I went. I add anything I like, it can be a person/animal/pet that might visit, it might be a...
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    Poorly. I went to see the latest Twilight film yesterday. It's only a 12 rating and it caused me nightmares last night. I am betting than I was with sleep and nightmares but I still get spells of 'what goes in comes straight out' in my dreams. Since finishing therapy I find it really hard when...
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    Weighted Blanket

    Hello SOL, have you got your blanket yet? How do you like it? I was very interested in your post. I have never heard of such a blanket but it makes perfect sense and is something I've felt the need for before. At night I sometimes feel I need to be sandwiched between the bed base and the...
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    Lack Of Movement While Sleeping

    Sleep has always been a major problem from me. I used to lash about a lot, could never keep a duvet on and was generally really, really restless when I got any sleep at all. However, my sleep has steadily improved. Now its pretty good most nights but just recently I seem to have stopped moving...
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    The End Of Therapy

    Hi everyone, I've not been on here for a while but I thought it might help to post that I've finally finished therapy. I can go back if I need to but we've officially finished. I'm still getting used to the idea and it's hard not having anyone to talk to but in another way its a very good thing...
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    News Uk News Story Involving Ptsd

    I've seen this in the news again recently. The latest is the judge has said he can be sent back to SA to stand trail. It has been reported that he has been suffering from PTSD since his wife's murder, NOT before. Like you say Jestadud, if he was innocent and experienced the things he did then...
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    Hey, Newbie Here.

    Thankyou wonderingwhy, I was born in 88 so I have no idea what aus was like back then! Thankyou everyone for the warm welcome.
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    How Do You Know When You Are Recovering From Ptsd?

    Thankyou for your comments, I've decided to go back into therapy to move past this point. Nicolette I think you ate right on the money.
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    Hey, Newbie Here.

    Summer has been very cool this year, and yes I was lucky enough to avoid the floods though I know a few people who weren't so lucky. Thankyou for welcoming me so warmly, I'm very grateful. I look forward to getting to know a lot of you.
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    Hey, Newbie Here.

    Hi Nyx, Lilstar, thankyou for welcoming me, I hope we get to know each other better too :) From what I've seen so far this forum looks like a lovely supportive place and I'm looking forward to being a part of it. -Claire
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    How Do You Know When You Are Recovering From Ptsd?

    I have had PTSD for a while, years, and I am starting to think, how do you know when you are improving? what is the difference between the plateu in recovery, and recovery? I feel like I'm stagnant, no new recovery, no new battles to face, but I'm still depressed... Does anyone have experience...
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    What If You Don't Remember?

    I dont remember the vast majority of my abuse, but I know it happened. Know deep down. With the snippets I do remember I have had to accept that I may never remember what happened or who was responsible. I'm sorry that you are in the same position, I know how frustrating it can be to not be able...
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    Self Mutilation

    I cut myself severely for 10 years, I now have scars on my arms, legs, stomach and breasts. At first I felt so ugly I could barely bare to look at myself, but now I have come to accept my scars and no longer hide them. I'm glad to hear your SM has mostly stopped, it is a unbelievably addictive...
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    Hey, Newbie Here.

    Hi, My name is Claire and I'm just looking for support overcoming this hurdle. Looking to make new friends with similar issues and experiences, and am happy to talk to anyone. I'm from Adelaide, Australia, and I'm a 22 year old woman. -Claire
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    General Trying To Trust And Use The NHS Crisis System Or Should I Not Bother Anymore

    Hi Amethist, I've had no help from the NHS either. Aside from that have you called 'Mind' to see if they can help at all?
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    Genuinely Wish To Know About Therapy Length.

    Hello Anni, I personally think the length of time is different for everyone. What I would question though is this, is the therapist you are seeing now helping you get the results you want? You mention a list of symptoms that you still have. I think its not important the time its taking if what...
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    Writing A Letter To My Attacker?

    Hello Meg, What do you want from the guy? What do you want him to say? Is the letter going to give you that? Is he going to reply? would you want him to or do you just want your say? Would you want to meet him to talk to him? What do you need from the situation? My therapist has suggested...
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    Does Anyone Not Take Medication?

    I've stayed away from medication too. I didn't want to find I was better with it only to find I was also addicted to it. I've often wondered if it was the right choice. Every time I've mentioned it to the doctor she wants to right me a prescription. The thing is that medication is seen as a...
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    Worrying About The Future

    Hello Micah, I dont have personal experience with this situation but I think it might actually be empowering. I'm sure it will be a challenge but it could quite possibly by an extremely good one. You have an experience that others have not had and this might be a way of putting that to a good...
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    How Many People Do You Suppose Have PTSD?

    I do not know any women that have been abused. I also dont know anyone else with PTSD but I do agree having it makes easy to recognise problems/symptoms in others.
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    Having To Sleep Overnight At Very Triggering Place

    That sounds really hard Manic. It also sounds horribly familiar with your family not believing PTSD exists. Are you sure there's no-one in the family that you could confide in? It might be that there is someone but that in the group situation they wouldn't show themselves as understanding. I...