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    Reenacting abusive dynamic with someone i love

    Everyone does that and you may be surprised that he is doing the same thing. It's a dance
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    Am I my therapists retirement hobby?

    Unless she is doing therapy for free, you are using her for her knowledge to get better. She isn't using you? What's important is are you getting what you need and want. That's it. She is working for you.
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    Anxiety while wife conversates with others

    You cannot control your anxiety. I found Effexor was helpful for me and I continued therapy. It took time but it is pretty much gone now. I wouldn't tell her about it until you get home. Good for you for facing your fear and going anyway. That is one of the ways that helps to get over it.
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    Raped in my dream by Richard Ramirez wtf

    Not sure but it sounds like you are feeling powerless and maybe not in control of your life?
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    Repeated History of Abusers with Substance Abuse Issues

    Have you tried Codependency Anonymous? I am an adult child of two alcoholics and your story is my story! CODA has been incredible in letting me seeing insights into myself. I wish I had joined it 30 years ago!!
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    ‘Sometimes the healing hurts more than the wound’

    I had a brutal childhood and came out with Codependence and PTSD. I started therapy at 24 and kept going for at least 25 years. It is painful but keeping it down doesn't get rid of it. It is still there and will resurface in any number of inappropriate or destructive ways if we don't deal with...
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    Addiction help in Canada

    This seems very misleading. Addictions are not cured and I wouldn't try to start smoking again. You just want to make money falsely saying it can be cured? Shameful.
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    Feeling invaded by my surroundings

    That really sounds like anxiety or an anxiety attack. That happened to me and I was agoraphobia when I was in my 20's. I remember going to a live theater and had this strong urge to say something out loud that would disrupt the play?! My therapist told me it was anxiety and now I know he was...
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    Seeing a new therapist; what does progress mean to you?

    I have to say I lead the therapy in that I think about what I want to talk about and tell the therapist when I get there. I then keep questioning and asking how I can fix my problem. The key is having the courage to do what they tell you which is the hard, scary and painful work. In group...
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    Feelings of bitterness towards new therapist

    You sound like you are mourning and aaI would tell the new therapist exactly what you are telling us.
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    Was this ethical of my (ex)therapist?

    Ghosting you and termination over email is outrageous as are fake reviews. I would report this guy to the State Psychologist's Board.
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    Mental health professional asked weird question when asking about my anxiety

    With 1 in 4 girls being sexually abused or assaulted plus your state of anxiety, I don't think it is odd at all.
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    Sufferer I’m here - Looking back, I’ve always had CPTSD I guess? I mean that, in review, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t like this.

    I have done a lot of work breaking the family cycle and I could not do it without help. You need to learn new tools. I have successfully used therapy and Codependency Anonymous among other things with a lot of success.
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    No one takes my nightmares and flashback seriously or seems to believe them

    You keep trying to see a doctor until you find one. You are right that this is a big issue for you and it is legitimate! You could even go to the emergency room or urgent care and you could get a referral if not some help.
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    No one takes my nightmares and flashback seriously or seems to believe them

    Have you spoken to a doctor about it? They are certainly symptoms of something that is going on.
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    Relationship Dating a man with ptsd

    You need to take care of yourself. Your job in life is not to rescue him. If your needs are not being met, that is what your focus should be. I would suggest you go to and check out some online meetings there. I have been there and done that.
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    Undiagnosed Hi, I hope to feel less alone with sexual trauma

    It is just degrees. Yes, that counts very much!! That is sexual assault. Your mother's reaction was very unfortunate and it is a shame she didn't validate you and protect you. What happened to you is horrible and it is not your fault in anyway. Most children tend to blame themselves for...
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    Other Avoidant Personality Disorder?

    I just want to say I have had therapists that were awesome since I was 24 and had been in other programs like AA, Alanon that have all been very important in helping me "peel the onion" but Codependency Anonymous really got me to where I wanted to go with relationships. I finally got to my core...
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    Other Avoidant Personality Disorder?

    Thanks for the clarification. I have the same issued and it has helped me a lot!
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    Other Avoidant Personality Disorder?

    I am confused. Are you saying you want to remain agoraphobic and train it rather than deal with the cause? That is certainly your choice.
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    Other Avoidant Personality Disorder?

    Similar circumstances as yours. Grew up abused and I was the scapegoat. I was close to agoraphobic in my early 20's. I attracted narcissists and drug addicts because of the abuse and what I was comfortable with. I would say Codependents Anonymous which has online meetings has been incredibly...
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    If i dont know something how am avoiding it?

    Good question but actually it is the unconscious because we are entirely unaware of it. That is why it is so hard to get to. I have always needed someone to help me get there. We have some access to our subconscious. I was thinking the same as you until my therapist explained it to me. For...
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    Cant cry. I think i need to.

    I had a tortuous childhood with 2 alcoholic parents and my mother and older brother were sadistic, paranoid schizophrenics. I stopped having the ability to cry early in my childhood and have rarely cried through my life and I am 71. Just confirming here that I do have PTSD with codependency...
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    If i dont know something how am avoiding it?

    95% of what we do is run by the unconscious. I started realizing it in therapy and it is really amazing. You can't be hypnotized unless you want to be hypnotized. It is a myth that you can be hypnotized without your own mental consent.