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    Relationship Ghosted and confused

    Thank you! Its been 5 months and pure silence from him. All I can do is pray for him. I am trying to move forward one day at a time. This site has been helpful and the support is wonderful. I wish you all the best
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    Relationship Don`t be to hard on yourself! (Supporter)

    Oh thank you thank you thank you for this post. Its been 5 months since my partner shut down and pushed me out of his life. 5 months of silence and ghosting from him. 5 months of hell..wondering every day what happened. As did you, I sought this site for some sort of answer. I pray daily, many...
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    As I have been everyday for the past 4 months..sad and so confused and trying so hard to stop the loop that is on constant rewind...will he contact me? Will I ever see him again? Why is there still silence? Trying to move on but with no answers..ugh. How and why did we end up here after 2 yrs of...
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    Relationship Ghosted and confused

    It's a daily battle trust me. I love and miss him so much
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    My ptsd partner left me - now what?

    This is powerful and is helping me as a supporter to understand so much. I have been doubting that reconciliation is an option and reading this puts into perspective my former mate's need to end our relationship and completely ghost me and cut off all communication. Its sad but also maybe the...
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    Relationship Ghosted and confused

    I started dating a wonderful man 2 yrs.ago. He is a veteran and told me he had PTSD and was medicated and the past 2 yrs have been great. 4 months ago he told me he stopped taking his meds because he was done with pharmaceuticals. He also has a couple of injuries. Communication between us was...