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    General Loneliness

    The loneliness of being a ptsd spouse is so overwhelming, I’m tired of having no one to have a conversation with, being unable to speak because of the fallout. I’m unhappy and I just can’t find any joy this year 😢
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    Relationship Sitting in the car, trying to find the strength to go inside.

    I’ve been sat sitting in my car outside my house for some time trying to find the strength to go in Sitting numb looking at this site, this post, numb as what to write Its like the tidal wave of grief has rolled back over me but the sadness is from recent events, from the realisation that...
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    Loneliness - Hubby’s hurting so we all have to hurt

    Having a very lonely day, don’t really want to reach out to family or friends as they don’t understand what life is like and they would worry. ptsd rules this house and my hubby is having a bad period again, he’s hurting so everyone got to hurt. Kids are in their rooms to avoid the atmosphere...
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    General Am I the issue??

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, i had hoped get some support from a mutual friend we can trust but work got in the way this week. I still feel very on edge and unable to speak, but keep telling myself some of the kind words u have said x
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    General Am I the issue??

    Hi I’m new on here and struggling PTSD making me feel like I have no voice no opinion no love no thoughts My OH has ptsd from more than one source I can’t even him simple stuff like can you leave the light on as going into room with out it causing anger and friction followed by outburst of...