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    Does Your Therapist Know Your Reading This?

    My psychotherapist recommended that I find a forum for PTSD because he was an intern at the time and had limited knowledge of PTSD. He thought I could benefit from the interaction of other people with similar situations. Tammy
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    It Wasn't My Fault

    Well done! Keep going.... It's hard to write about our actions no matter if we were innocent or guilty. It's a process that takes time to sort through. Blessings Tammy
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    Evie (Batgirl) And Dean (Tardis) Update

    That's great. I wish them both well. Tammy
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    Thank You Editors

    Welcome back! Tammy
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    Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

    I'm not doing dream interpretation anymore, so please don't post them here. Thanks Tammy
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    Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

    Hey midi, I'm giving up dream interpretation for awhile until I get things straight. The only thing I can say is that you probably slipped up and did something that was a habit at one time. Not necessarily the joint, but some people, such as myself, are addicted to chocolate, and I can over...
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    Would You Allow Someone To Take Care Of You?

    There are always two reasons when a person does something: 1) A "good" reason. 2) The "real" reason. Which is this person's motive? No matter which one you pick there is "always" a motive. If a genuine person who really wants to help asks if they can take care of you they have a reason...
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    Can Anyone Make Sense Out Of My Therapist?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I've been thinking about the session and spoke with my husband and my best friend to see what they think too. They know me the best, so I do run things like this past them even though they don't have a degree. I've wondered about this diagnosis since it was...
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    Can Anyone Make Sense Out Of My Therapist?

    This has been weighing on me as to weather or not I should even post it. I have a new Psychotherapist because my old one graduated in June. I've seen him about 4 or maybe 5 times and this last time he really freaked me out. I've never had a therapist confuse me like he did. I asked him again...
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    Things You Can Live Without/Can't Handle Anymore

    Wow, I always find a piece of myself in other people's lives when I come in here and read a post. Thanks Lisa! I have the bare minimum and I want it that way. I hate clutter and the one and only thing that I have to have is NIKE shoes :think: LMAO ??????? Nothing else matters. I burned...
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    Would You Allow Someone To Take Care Of You?

    I'm with bec on this one. I would be very concerned why someone would want to take care of me. I get very agitated with my husband when he tries to "fix" me and I have to remind him I'm the only one who can "fix" me and take care of me. However, advise is welcomed. Tammy
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    What's Your Preference? On The TP Roll, That Is!

    My older sister, who is now deceased, told me that when she worked as a maid in a hotel they told her she had to put the toilet paper in so it goes over the top. When I was at her house I did it that way when I changed it, but I could really care less how it comes out as long as I have it when...
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    What's The Best Thing That Happened To You Today?

    I cried and released a ton of stress. Tammy
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    Hi Everyone...The Move Is Over!!

    Hi Pandora, I remember the journey when it first started and you really struggled, but I never doubted for one minute you wouldn't make it free and clear. Congratulations and let the healing begin from within. Kudos!!! Tammy
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    Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

    I would think that Jimi Hendrix is your animus at the moment. He is alive in you and wants to express himself but doesn't know how because its been a long time and your more mature (museum) since you've expressed yourself in this way.
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    How Does A Parent's PTSD Affect Their Children?

    There is a thread in the careers section on this topic that Kathy created. It's called, "How Does PTSD Effect Family Life? Especially For Families With Children" I haven't figured out how to link another post to a current post yet. But I would check out that thread because there are great...
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    Enduring More Abuse To Help My Children?

    Hi Dragonfly, I understand you concern for your child's needs but if you explain to the school you just don't have the money they will find someone to help. Also, if you have a church that you attend you could ask them to help. Is there a community support system for children in your area...
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    Introducing Mr & Mrs Parsons

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Parsons, I can't get the photo to enlarge on my very old and out dated computer so I will have to join the other group which I just can't seem to get motivated to do. From the little clip the both of you look great Tammy
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    Whoo Hoo...Going To The Chapel & We're Going To Get Married

    Anthony and Nicolette, Congratulations and have fun on your honeymoon. I wish you both the very best! Now you both can rest and leave the stress at home, things will take care of themselves. Please let this time be for the both of you to enjoy. Blessings Tammy
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    Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

    Going back to school represents a lesson you didn't learn or need to learn. High school teenagers are in a transitional phase and are becoming independent and trying to find their own identity, so there may be an issue of independence/identity that needs dealt with. Hallways are phases of...
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    3 Years Already?

    Hey midi, This should go into the success stories. I do think this is just the beginning. I seem to be noticing on a subconscious level that you are able to let go of a lot more than you thought. *smile* Good job! Tammy
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    General If You Don't Like The Responses...

    Opinions If you don't like the responses Tammy
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    Unable To Do Exposure Therapy And Unable To Get Much Better

    Hi bec, I felt really sick when I read your post because I've always found you to be extremely intelligent. I'm hoping that your thread was just a vent of frustration instead of what it was implying...Giving up? You know PTSD along with the symptoms almost as well as Anthony, and you are able...
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    General If You Don't Like The Responses...

    I agree with you Freddy... Don't get me wrong. Just because someone points out an issue with me or my behavior doesn't mean I take it as the gospel truth. I will listen to it, assess it, and run it past my husband, best friend and therapist before I make a final decision. Tammy
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    General If You Don't Like The Responses...

    When I first joined I had a knee jerk reaction and wanted to leave the forum. Obviously, the opinion triggered me, but I decided to give the forum another chance after taking a week off and thinking things through and I'm glad I did because I've found this forum to be a real life saver. At...