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    Reasons For Dosage Increase Or Medication Change, Your Thoughts, Please?

    thanks! I appreciate hearing from others, as I dont trust completely my own beliefs. I am sometimes skewed.
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    Tired Of People Who Down Me For Not Taking Meds

    I am glad you did not have to pay her because she sure as hell did not earn a penny in that hour. Your insurance company should know how poor quality she is. They are paying for poor quality and no service. I have PTSD with depression, so I completely understand. It will get better, with...
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    Gave In To Meds

    I also want to tell you that if and when the antidepressant works for you, you will not have any "false moods"-- instead, you will feel at peace, calm, clear headed, genuinely happy, and you will enjoy life. That is not to say that you will have sad days, angry hours, and life will not throw...
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    Gave In To Meds

    Tell your doctor today about how you feel. Cymbalta may not be the drug for your particular brain. My brain loves it, but your mileage may vary. By this time, if you feel that bad, change drugs. It won't get better. 2quilt, Cymbalta user 4 plus years
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    Tired Of People Who Down Me For Not Taking Meds

    Just me here, 1. it is your right as an informed patient to decide if you want chemicals and man-made brain modifiers in your bloodstream. By showing up for treatment sessions, you are doing your part. 2. If you have not done so already, get rid of that therapist! She is not doing her...
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    I Wake Up With Death On My Mind

    I suggest that you tell your therapist this today! Do not wait, because you might just follow through in a moment of depression if you get the chance. if you dont have a therapist, call a hotline, a dear friend and go to the hopital emergency room to get help. Don't wait.
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    Relationship Is It Common At All For A PTSD Sufferer To Cheat On Their Spouse?

    I personally dont think that PTSD gives anyone an excuse to cheat. I may be sick with this mental illness that makes me sad, angry, grumpy, disassociate, etc, but I am still responsible for my actions and I know what I am doing (unless I am disassociating at the moment...) The logic that says...
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    Happy Birthday Nicolette

    Add 2quilt to the long list of members who wish you the best birthday ever!
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    Reasons For Dosage Increase Or Medication Change, Your Thoughts, Please?

    I had always thought that my depression and PTSD meds had to be changed or the dosage had to be adjusted because *the meds themselves* were not doing the job. I thought that the psych meds stopped working because I had heard that pain medication can become ineffective over time, and people will...
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    Is There Life After Cymbalta? Your Experiences, Please

    I added Abilify last Tuesday, and so far, no days of real suicidal thoughts. Mostly flat days. Waiting for improvement
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    Is There Life After Cymbalta? Your Experiences, Please

    And how has your quality of life been since the withdrawal hell ended? Here's the short version: I had planned on getting weight loss surgery to stop diabetes, sleep apnea, high BP, etc, then found out that the risk of death (in my case) was too high to have surgery, so I got depressed. I lost...
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    Is There Life After Cymbalta? Your Experiences, Please

    I have been on Cymbalta (Duloxetine) for about 4 years now, and I am starting to believe that it has stopped working for me. Questions for you: 1. If you have been on Cymbalta, what antidepressant(s) were successful for you after you got off Cymbalta? And which drugs did NOT work? 2. How awful...
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    Constant Fear Of Losing Therapist

    Your mother enjoys making you feel no self esteem whatsoever. I had a mother like that, and the best thing I ever did was to stop all contact with her. No calls, no visits, nothing. She was poison, and she felt so much power by stepping on me, putting me down, treating me like shit on her...
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    Poll Do You Believe You Are A Very Sensitive Person?

    I am sure that my sensitivity is from childhood abuse. I just assumed that everything was my fault and so i cried and took every cruel word or insult personally, cried all the time, was bullied for that, and was the target of violence at school, so more crying. What self esteem can an abused...
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    Dazed And Confused Over Memory,Please Help

    You were just five at the time, so what was your world like at five? You were in your own home, your siblings reacted to what they saw and you followed their lead because you trusted them. You processed this strange event with the mind of a five year old, not of the adult you are now. Ask...
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    Making Jerky, Canning, Drying Fruit - The Lost Art Of Preserving

    I make my own jerky. Get either top sirloin, bottom round or top round, beat it with one of those meat tenderizing tools with the spikes on it, then cut it lengthwise, about the width of :from your middle knuckle of your pointy finger to the tip. Marinate the cuts of beef in Worcestershire or...
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    Is This Therapy Right For Me? Your Opinions Please.

    In my humble opinion, only very small common problems can be solved in 6 hours. It takes more time than that to get to know and trust your therapist. I would not share personal problems or weather predictions with a neighbor over the back fence if I had only known her for 1 hour x 6 visits...
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    Anyone Had Bariatric Surgery?

    I feel so strongly about this surgery that I am happy dancing. With this surgery, I can expect to live for another 46 years. Even with PTSD and multiple traumas in my past, I believe that I can control having a very happy second childhood, and live happily ever after.
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    Anyone Had Bariatric Surgery?

    I am physically disabled, use a wheelchair when I can't walk, but the disabilities were due to my being in the first Persian Gulf war. I have worked with many a physical therapist and personal trainer, diets, more diets, etc. and even a medically supervised plan. If "just eat less and exercise...
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    Anyone Had Bariatric Surgery?

    I am really considering bariatric surgery. Anyone had it or know anyone who had it? Anyone you know have it in western USA? I would like a recommendation or a warning to avoid a specific clinic or hospital or doctor if you know of any.
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    Empty the Dishwasher

    I don't know if all husbands or all scientists are the same, but... When we wives and girlfriends ask our men to empty the dishwasher, we expect that they will do it correctly. Can a man empty the dishwasher wrong? Oh yes. I just found a dirty frying pan stored away, that had been through the...
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    I Am From Holland, Not Used English For A Long Time

    Hello, Guppie! We are glad you found us. This is a wonderful website for learning about PTSD. There is a lot of great information about our illness here, so look around and ask any questions you wan to. You are now among friends who understand you.
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    Freaked Out Over Phone Call

    When I got my wireless phone for my landline, I could put in any name or identification I wanted. I get calls from Peter Piper, guess who and fugetaboutit. Someone is messing with you.
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    Need Advice. Scary Guy At Door. I Am Freaking Out.

    ...And when you yell at visitors through the door and they balk and ask you open the door or falsely state that it's FED EX needing a signature, I hope you have a way of peeking out to see who it REALLY is before you open the door. That creep may lie to you to get you to open the door. I also...
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    Need Advice. Scary Guy At Door. I Am Freaking Out.

    If this guy comes around again, see if you can speed dial a neighbor to photograph the guy from their window so you can give it to the police. This guy may be known by the police. If you dont already have one, get a monitred alarm system, a deadbolt, let all your neighbors know and get their...