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  1. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Overwhelmed by symptoms

    Welcome to the site! It’s a special place that I’ve been a part of for over 10 years. It’s safe and has good rules that are enforced. I’m so sorry that you have the need for such a place as this but happy you have found this resource! Blessings of hope and peace being sent your way!💙 AKJ
  2. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Extreme dysregulation or mental health may give me a heart attack? Trying to make sense of my life

    Welcome to the site! I'm sorry you are in so much pain! Not knowing the exact cause is frustrating beyond words...I have a list of diagnoses as well. I do have a you have stomach or digestive issues? The reason I asked is that I was diagnosed with an esophagus issue just last...
  3. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Incest Survivor Suffering in Silence because of Arousal

    Welcome to the site! You have found a great resource for information and connecting with others people with similar trauma. I am one...and you are not alone...💙 I could have written a lot of what you said and I am sorry you suffered as well! Blessings of peace and progress being sent to you...
  4. AngelKeeperJ

    Undiagnosed hello

    Hello, @kleo and welcome to the site! I'm sorry that you have gone through trauma and aren't able to get treatment yet! Too many people are having problems with that and it's not right, fair, or humane! You can learn a lot here just in the articles that are available, as well as by reading...
  5. AngelKeeperJ

    Undiagnosed cant explain - numb to it all

    @DAC I am so sorry that you are feeling this way! It IS utterly devastating to feel numb and dead inside and feel like you are outside looking in. But the only way you can change things is to reach out for help. Someone else’s input to show you there's a different "side of the box" you haven't...
  6. AngelKeeperJ

    Undiagnosed I am not sure but I am starting to think I may have pstd.

    Welcome to the site! I am sorry about the reason you have found the need for a place like this! Multiple traumas are hard to deal with, but you are working with a therapist, so you are doing the right thing! There’s tons of information and tools to be found here, along with friendly and...
  7. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Just a Hello... I'm looking around the net to meet people, others dealing with similar issues, etc

    Welcome to the site! I hope you find the information and interactions to be as helpful to you as it has been for me for over 10 years. I am sorry that you have the need for such a place but glad you’re here! AKJ
  8. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Looking for a safe space

    If you are in the States, please call and/or apply online for disability…you won’t get it right off but if you aren’t able to find employment due to your medical situation, the first date you contact SSD is important later on. (I was out from work 3 times for short-term disability after my...
  9. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Looking for a safe space

    Wow! I’m so sorry this is happening to you! What a scare! You have found a safe place for sure. I’ve been a member 10+ years and it has been a great resource for information, validation, compassion, and understanding! I don’t know what “medically separate” means…is it that they are letting you...
  10. AngelKeeperJ

    Undiagnosed I'm new, looking for support

    Welcome to the site! I am short on words these days but wanted to let you know that you have found a safe place to learn and grow! Blessings of peace and healing sent your way! AKJ
  11. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Hi. I'm new to these forums but not to CPTSD recovery. I've been at it for going on five years. I am a big fan of Pete Walker, van der Kolk, etc.

    Welcome to the site! I think dogs are the BEST companions! Our’s keeps life fun and interesting. I am 66 and have been a member for 10+ years and have gained knowledge and friends. Working on CPTSD recovery as well, while taking care of my mother who is 88... I am sorry for the things that...
  12. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Hoping to find a sense of community here

    Welcome to the site! You have found a special place indeed! I’m sorry for your struggles but glad you are here. There is a wealth of information, resources, and compassionate input, that I hope you will benefit from.
  13. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Anxiety, Depression, & Having A Hard Time With Christmas Being Lonely

    Welcome to the site! I have been here for 10+ years and can tell you that the people here are safe, kind, and compassionate as well as the staff! No shenanigans allowed. Anxiety and depression are my main symptoms and they got old a long time ago! I hope you find the same benefits here that I...
  14. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer my first time trying out any kind of support group

    Welcome to the site! You have found a very special place for sure...I am sorry that you have the need for such a place but glad you're here. There's a ton of information available and a compassionate group of survivors to offer encouragement when needed. Blessings to you and yours’☮️💟 AKJ
  15. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Hello, happy to be here - Recent hormonal changes have forced me to confront my childhood trauma(s).

    Welcome to the site! You’ve found a super special place…but I’m sorry that you have had trauma that has brought you here. Kudos on the therapies you’ve already done! To keep looking till you find what you need is a positive character trait, and you seem to have that trait already. It will lead...
  16. AngelKeeperJ

    Undiagnosed CPTSD- No diagnosis but the trauma fits

    Welcome to the site! Wow, what a deluge of medical trauma…multiplied! I’m so sorry that you have a need for a place like this, but you have found a true gem! I’ve got a few medical bullsh*t runaround storiesin my past, which makes me wary of new providers. I was a medical assistant for 25+...
  17. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer PTSD 20 years later

    I am so sorry for the events you describe! I can't imagine the terror of those moments nor the stunning reason for being shot. It's obvious what kind of person she was/is. You have found a safe place to learn to find healing and support. I have been a member for 10+ years and have been helpful...
  18. AngelKeeperJ

    Other Anyone else with young onset dementia due to cptsd?

    Welcome to the site! I’m glad you feel that you fit in here…it takes all kinds of people to make this the valuable place it is! I am wondering if you have had a medical doctor check you out for things that can mimic almost every psychiatric symptom there is, so that is vital. We each find our...
  19. AngelKeeperJ

    Undiagnosed Feel like I am losing my mind

  20. AngelKeeperJ

    This place - Support for others that I see on this site is incredible

    @Bamboo What kind and truthful words you speak! Knowing that I have a place to come where I am accepted, understood, not judged, and appreciated in ways that are not possible in ”real” life is truly the gift of a lifetime. I’ve been here so long that it’s a huge stress release just to come and...
  21. AngelKeeperJ

    Sufferer Years of trauma & living on autopilot

    Welcome! There are a ton of good informational articles and even more good people! I hope you find what helps you the most☮️💟
  22. AngelKeeperJ

    Prayer Requests

    Welcome to the site! It’s hard to have faith in the midst of all the symptoms we have. You aren’t alone in sometimes wanting to “leave” God. My dad was a minister and I didn’t attend church for 30+ years, went back for 7-8 years, and now I haven’t attended a service in a building since way...
  23. AngelKeeperJ

    One reason you keep going?

    I have an actual list of people I stay for, just in case I need to see it in front of me. I’ve seen what suicide does to EVERYONE left behind…it’s devastating and I would never put anyone through it. I’ll suffer as much as I have to here on earth but would NEVER go purposely. It ruins every...
  24. AngelKeeperJ

    One reason you keep going?

    My family
  25. AngelKeeperJ

    Prayer Requests

    Hey, y’all…I am concerned about @Lionheart …we are messenger friends and I haven’t heard from him after messaging him yesterday. He almost always lets me know he’s ok…He has so many health issues, and his heart has been broken so many times…I pray that he is ok…He has been such a good supporter...