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    It's got me

    I'm doing everything right but my God I want to jill myself
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    I can't describe it… How to sleep without alcohol or drugs?

    I have PTSD and I am trying my darndest to live with it. Not one incident but several, my question is, how to sleep without alcohol/drugs? Ironically I'm a trained holistic therapist.
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    It's bad

    My partner who is so understanding is away due to Covid but I am doing Dantes 9 circles of Hell.
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    Reducing medications

    I'm coming off Lyrica , and my God the flashbacks have got me. Due to Covid my Partner is away and I don't want to worry him. I am following my Doctor's advice but this is rough. Can anyone relate?
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    What Drugs Are You Taking For Depression ?

    Baclofen, Pregabalin (also known as Lyrica) and Sertraline. And am hoping to come off soon.
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    Narrative Therapy

    Just wondered if anyone has tried it? My therapist was honest with me and told me it could be worse before it gets better, but right now it is very worse.
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    Has emdr been helpful?

    Because my Dad is really ill (a stroke and vascular dementia) I took a break to help my Mum. I have now gone back to my counsellor, a brilliant and talented art Psychologist; but what I wanted to ask was if anyone has gone through EMDR and did it help? He has referred me but I'm scared.
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    Had Another Bad Night

    I've been through counselling and I take meds, which I don't like to do and ordinarily I am a positive person; well I Try to be. I can have problems in the day too but night times! My partner had been away visiting family so I was so looking forward to seeing him yesterday. I went to bed...
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    Are You On Disability For Ptsd?

    God bless, I; despite my determination, am registered disabled now for a few years despite my efforts to get a job, (I worked since I was 12 and when I was diagnosed I cried. You tell yourself; give yourself a big affirmation, despite the symptoms I have I deserve better and fight and God...
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    I'm a very quiet person who has learnt to live with PTSD, but even now I still have very dark spaces. But thanks to the absolute love of my husband and his constant support, I do ok. I just want to give somethhing back to everyone out there who is literally living in Hell. Keep strong all of you.