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    Sufferer Looking to connect

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    Sufferer Looking to connect

    Thanks How are you doing ?
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    Sufferer Looking to connect

    Hello everyone! It is a while since I was on the forum . I have cptsd and ptsd related to hospitals . Missed talking with you guys so thought I would have a catch up xx
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    when you start zoning out again after spending years of therapy working on stopping dissociating . ( we don't celebrate 4th July ) but have other forced day celebrations which I find difficult sometimes xx
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    A Turn Away From Dissociation: The Association Thread

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    Messages therapist drunk

    hi Therapists in my experience are the most understanding and most non judgemental people on the planet (or should be ) If you had lots of sessions already with the T then they will know you and your issues and understand. They probably will be just concerned about you. I have often really...
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    Medical retriggered after an operation in hospital.

    Thanks joeylittle a diary might be a good idea on here how confidential is it though? I have contacted the therapist who helped initially and yes I agree I think treating it as a separate event is a good plan. Thank you ??
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    Medical retriggered after an operation in hospital.

    Hi Therapy I had was trauma focused CBt and EMDR these did not work though for me .it was Mindfullness cognitive behavioural therapy with a twist of emdr which worked immediately last time . The thoughts were irrational totally this time in hospital everyone was so understanding and helpful...
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    Medical retriggered after an operation in hospital.

    hi I have ptsd related to anything hospital related. I thought I had my ptsd under control pretty much. however I had to have an operation in hospital which was unavoidable. I was terrified when at hospital and now I just keep reliving what happened over and over again. My ptsd has come back...
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    Derealisation and depersonalisation today and over months , mother daughter sexual abuse ,

    My mother was covert narcissist, I was enmeshed with her , I was her scapegoat, my brother her golden child. It is the dark eyes and the varying looks and yes wicked grin. I was not given permission to have any emotions especially crying. Accept back if you will accept. Mine was only physically...
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    A Turn Away From Dissociation: The Association Thread

    Capital letter
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    The Small Things In Life. What Makes You Happy?

    Oh that sounds so good ! Can I come too xx Oh Albatross the daffodils are coming up, the birds are starting to sing , spring ? No this weekend -8 . Spring will be soon and I can’t wait # binoculars watch the birds xx
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    5 Things I'm Thinking Today

    1) totally freaked out 2) dissociation to the highest degree 3 ) everything explains itself now 4 ) It has only taken 49 years to realise it 5 ) need to breath and be present in this moment ( safe from harm )
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    Derealisation and depersonalisation today and over months , mother daughter sexual abuse ,

    Thank you so much . I will do this and welcome here to this amazing forum xx
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    Tips for coping when overly sensitive due to lack of sleep.

    Usually feel even more dissociative when sleep deprived. Sorry you feel sad many hugs xx
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    How can i trust what comes up during emdr?

    Emdr really brings up stuff that you have blocked out. It did with me. I thought this can’t really be real , but in fact it was , and explained why I had a dissociative disorder.
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    Distractions during therapy

    I really need to colour or doodle while having therapy, for some reason nhs therapists would not appreciate that though. Thinking about private therapy in the UK . It is pricy but if it works it is worth the money Right ? Especially if it works. NHS therapy worked too but I can’t get any more...
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    Distractions during therapy

    Wow I bet that was good might suggest it to mine . I have already been in therapy for years and so hey cptsd has kicked me in the ass again, when I thought I had worked through all of my stuff, oh the joys of this ptsd crap xx
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    You Know You've Been Dissociating/being Absent Minded When...

    When you are talking to someone who understands dissociation and you are trying to stay present because you want to go on their mindfulness course, and they ask are your eyes ok , then lose it to come back to right we will let you know about it that. How long was I out for and wtf did I say do...
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    Derealisation and depersonalisation today and over months , mother daughter sexual abuse ,

    hi I thought I had worked through all traumas that I have had in my life, thinking it was doctors, and it was for one trauma, but no all along it has been my mum. How can a mother commit every type of abuse to her daughter. Yes ok I have accepted, emotional abuse, physical abuse, now I have...
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    How do you have compassion for yourself?

    I don’t !!!
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    Your Day In Emoticons

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    What's your good news?

    It is freezing so the good news lit a real fire so now all cosy