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    Sufferer Residential Living - CPTSD, GAD, Major Depressive, and OCD.

    Welcome to the forum, @312. You mentioned residential living in your title, can you share more about that?
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    Abusive past therapist

    OP - it's tempting to lock the thread, since you've basically admitted that you started trolling your own post. But I'll leave it open. @Charbella nailed it, here: Therapy isn't for everyone. Full stop. Figuring out how to work through this disorder is different for every individual...
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    I Budged the Needle! Biggest Accomplishment in YEARS! Re: Moving Away From Self Hatred

    Yep, I remember saying that - it's something I've learned, and remind myself of, often. I get it - and it IS an accomplishment. Both that you were able to hear what your mom was saying, AND that you were able to observe this happening: Thank you for sharing about this, Eve. I'm so glad to...
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    Chat, check-in, and hang out

    As @Freddyt said - there's no longer a chat function on the site. The amount of monitoring it required - members using it inappropriately, sometimes with real-life consequences - was too much for a volunteer staff to handle. But, I appreciate that it's missed; there were some members who...
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    DID deliberate fragmented systems

    I'm having trouble understanding how traumagenic dissociation relates to plurality as identity. For better or worse, DID (in psychology) is considered a disorder. The majority of psychological disorders have one aspect in common - which is, the active presence of the disorder interferes...
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    MDD Major depressive disorder

    @Polyfractal - is there a particular aspect of MDD that you wanted to discuss with the other members here?
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    General Sertraline Initial Side Effects

    That was a little aggressive on the re-start, but not so much that you'd need to worry. Side effects are likely to be worse than he was expecting, but they'll diminish over time. If he was off the Zoloft for four weeks or more, you can expect it'll take 3-4 weeks for him to reach a...
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    Getting A Service Dog.

    Thanks for stopping by, @blackemerald1 - sending you lots of good thoughts and positive vibes for your 2023.
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    Sexual abuse, bullying and ritual abuse - reaction from therapist

    I continue to sometimes struggle with the level of empathy my therapist offers me. But one thing it's given me the space to notice: if I could have empathy for myself, I don't think I'd be looking to get it from my therapist. It took me awhile to figure that out. Now, I understand there are...
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    There are bad doctors out there

    It's a difficult process to discuss any kind of trauma in therapy - you'll find many threads discussing it. I'm curious - are you currently in psychotherapy for trauma processing, specifically? I guess another way to ask is - was that your plan, when you identified your current therapist...
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    Is this depression to stop being functional?

    That sounds like depression, @Justmehere. How are you doing?
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    Sufferer Multiple types of prolonged traumas

    Welcome, @Polyfractal. We ask that members with dissociative disorders manage themselves, and refrain from posting in identities other than the one that has joined the forum. So, we will consider this voice ('the core') to be the member, here. If you have questions about that, or questions on...
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    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    The entire team here at MyPTSD want to wish all of the members and guests here a very happy Christmas and New Year. It can be a hard season for many of us, I know. It's my hope that you can all come to this site when you need a refuge, and reach out to peers here for knowledge, support, and...
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    I Lost My Cat and I Am Really Struggling

    @EveHarrington - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's always so hard, to say goodbye. I'm sure he knew he was deeply loved.
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    I'm not sure what type of flashback

    This phenomenon is called Dissociation, and it's something that everyone experiences to some degree. Being deep in thought, and then not being able to recall how you got from point A to point B - this isn't outside the realm of common human experience. But it can be disconcerting, especially...
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    I'm not sure what type of flashback

    It sounds to me like rumination - this happens when a person turns a situation or a memory over and over in their mind to the point where it feels like they can't stop replaying it. Imagining saying things other than what was said, usually things that the person thinks might have changed the...
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    Started EMDR therapy but haven't done EMDR yet

    What are you afraid would happen?
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    Other Anyone else with young onset dementia due to cptsd?

    We expect people to follow the minimal rules on the site; one of which is, don't push traffic to your own websites. Pretty simple, and for the overall protection of our members. Two staff members took the time to click to your site, made sure it fit the definitions of self-promotion, then took...
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    Other Anyone else with young onset dementia due to cptsd?

    Hi @fruitcake - you are welcome to post about yourself on this forum, but we'll ask that you not direct traffic to your trauma webpage; this is a rule we enforce site-wide. Thanks for understanding, and welcome.
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    Blindsided breakup I need help understanding

    Understandable. The reason it makes sense to ask whether someone has PTSD is pretty straightforward - this is a peer support site for PTSD. People with PTSD are prone to react to stressors in any number of ways...but those reactions fall into a few groupings of PTSD symptoms. When a person...
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    Relationship My partner has been isolating himself - what is the best way to ask about it?

    I know you're sort of acknowledging this here: But I'm going to push back a little, because of the part I bolded. It's important for your therapy to be about you, period. Work on finding how to be emotionally centered in yourself because you want to feel more secure in yourself - you can't...
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    Undiagnosed suicide witness and assault survivor.

    Welcome, @cornyg1 - I hope the forum is helpful for you.
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    Atheist unite!!

    It's been fixed now.
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    Research Impact Trauma Research Today - Paid Participation

    That's a very fair point. It's not the same as the shit you've dealt with, but sort of parallels it in a small way. I do hear where you're coming from.
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    Research Impact Trauma Research Today - Paid Participation

    Without knowing the entire structure of the study, there's no way to know whether or not it's well-built. And, important to remember that PLENTY of studies have methodologies that can be picked apart...I mean, the entire field of mental health is riddled with the problems that arise from a...