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    Relationship partner inpatient; advice and support sought

    HI everyone, I posted last month about my fiance going into a PTSD VA inpatient center. He has been there 10 days now and was thankfully permitted to bring his service dog. He is allowed visitors, which is wonderful, but it's two hours away. My kids and I went out to visit him last weekend and...
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    Non Triggering TV/Movies

    My partner loves Shaun the sheep!
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    Sufferer Hoping to find a sense of community here

    Hi, welcome! I am a supporter of a combat vet with ptsd, and I myself am dealing with childhood trauma. I hope we both find solace here.
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    General Any experiences with VA inpatient PTSD treatment programs?

    He had a very ugly divorce and his ex is incredibly combative. For brief context, she decided after the divorce was finalized that she didn't want to be divorced and get back together. He refused, she now weaponizes the kids. When he was in rehab, she tried to manipulate him into going back to...
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    General How to be supportive in a way the counts

    I keep rereading your response, sweet pea. I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong because my love isn’t enough to help. I keep putting the blame on myself for why he’s unhappy or distracted.
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    General Any experiences with VA inpatient PTSD treatment programs?

    Thank you. I’m absolutely terrified. We are getting married and I’ve asked him if he wants to postpone the wedding and he asked why, and I said I’m afraid he won’t want me when he’s “better”. I don’t have anyone for my own support as my family and I are estranged because of my choice to stay...
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    General Any experiences with VA inpatient PTSD treatment programs?

    My partner (military/combat PTSD) will be going into an inpatient PTSD program through the VA. Has anyone gone through one of these programs, or anyone a supporter of a loved one in a similar program? I have no idea what to expect or how to prepare myself. My partner will be gone 3-4 months and...
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    Supporter Hello! 2 years a partner with recovering alcoholic & PTSD from time in the military.

    Hello everyone! I have been with my partner almost two years. He is a recovering alcoholic (had a rehab stay and has been sober ever since) and suffering from severe PTSD from his time in the military. He is currently in therapy and anger management. I am also in therapy for my own health and...