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    Waking Anxious and Tired

    Quetiapine (Seroquel). When I first started it, I was having intractable migraines and it solved that problem as well as getting my anxiety under control, but that was 16 years ago and it's been extremely difficult to get off of.
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    Waking Anxious and Tired

    I've tapered off a medication because of the side effects, but once again, I'm waking in the morning anxious and within a few hours I'm tired even though I had a full night of sleep. This is nothing new as I was a straight-A college student before my sleep issues turned .me into mediocre...
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    Nightmare about abuse

    My anxiety and nightmares have a way of picking at old wounds. Maybe at times like a cattle prod forcing me to process my old emotional wounds at faster rates than I'd prefer or am able. It's annoying, but I try to be gentle with myself.
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    Prozac - when am i gonna know for sure if it disagrees with me?

    Listen to your body and be gentle. So many of us had bad childhoods, but you can become the parent that you never had. Just be gentle and nurturing. Have faith that you'll find the correct path.
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    Prozac - when am i gonna know for sure if it disagrees with me?

    Yeah, when I took it the first time, it was a solid year before I loosened my claws on the ceiling and climbed down again. Keep in mind that sometimes a very strong reaction is an indicator that your on the right path. It's well known that if a patient isn't titrating well unto a med...
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    Prozac - when am i gonna know for sure if it disagrees with me?

    It really sounds like you started on a dose way, way, too high. I had the same reaction it it was years before I tried again, and I currently take the drug today at 60mg. You shouldn't let this experience completely sour you to the med; it may be wrong; it may be the wrong dose; it's...
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    Premonition nightmares

    You're not alone. :)
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    Not knowing who/ where you are when you wake up in the morning

    With me, my dreams are so vivid and lifelike that I have my own personal Narnia or Narnias that I visit on a nightly basis. The dreams often build on each other,so every night like is an installment in a mini-series which can go on for years. It's great when I like the dream, but terrifying...
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    Vitamin b6 - way, way, too high.

    Oh yeah, in the trash.... I learned my lesson. I'm going to definitely back away from supplements.
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    Prozac - when am i gonna know for sure if it disagrees with me?

    I can be a rough ride (been there). I'd recommend getting out a razor blade and chopping that pill up at least 4 ways and start at that dosage. Just ever so slowly ramp up. Prozac is known to be stimulating although it can be a godsend once you're on it. I remember back when it first...
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    Vitamin b6 - way, way, too high.

    Thanks for the response, but I'm the other way. B6 Toxicity.
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    Vitamin b6 - way, way, too high.

    My new doc ran a battery of blood tests and determined that my B6 was too high. (Read blah, blah, blah or skip: It's mostly likely from a supplement that I started taking when I had migraines that seemed to work. However, it explains why I was have a burning feeling in my legs and hands...
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    Panic attack as i fall asleep

    I started to take propanalol at bedtime when I was getting anxious before sleep. I can't remember if it worked because I was sleeping. :) But, I think it helped to quiet the nightmares although it didn't eliminate them.
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    How important is it to take meds at same time ever day? (citalopram)

    It's more important that you take it everyday. :) So, if you always do it before bed, it becomes a habit. Or, always take it with your noon meal. Or, whatever... It's more important that you remember to take it than the exact time. Things like an empty or full stomach will matter...
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    Panic attack as i fall asleep

    Do you know what your panic attacks are about? Do you have a dream associated with them?
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    Pot and effects

    Road trip. What is the closest state?
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    Sleep apnea / cpap?

    Ha, yeah. Youe have the right attitude. xpect the worse; hope for the best.
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    Sleep apnea / cpap?

    I don't want to jinx it for you, but I couldn't get use to the device. I found it amazingly painful and that was before they adjusted it to prevent apnea. I wish they would have warned me what I was in for. When I called, they just told me to take Ibuprofen. This from the guy that...
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    Anxious Around Men

    That's not specific to women. Most people are aware when being observed. Although I agree, men can be not so subtle in their gazing. Older dude here. I often work in poor communities in Latin America and the children can range from overtly friendly to painfully shy. I have blond, longish...
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    First ptsd dream in weeks

    I've been haunted all day by a creepy feeling. Definitely, PTSD, but I don't remember the dream. However, I felt exposed, in danger, terrified of abandonment, that I pushed my luck way too far, and now it was going to come back to haunt me. It's a feeling I know well. I lived with it...
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    That dream again

    Did she reply? (was she murdered or is that part of the dream?)
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    Reservations about medication

    There's been a lot of research that just hitting the gym 3-4 times a week has the same boost as an SSRI. I get the sense from your post that you're not ready for meds. There are other ways to take care of yourself. Eat well. Exercise. Yoga. Just food for thought.
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    Never feel safe enough to sleep

    Listen to your feelings.... Only you know the answer, but when something is nagging at my thoughts, there's usually some unfinished business that is trying to surface. Be gentle with yourself and be the parent you never had.
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    Never feel safe enough to sleep

    That's criminal and predatory. If that happens again, please contact the police. Nobody should put up with abuse. Not sure about your current situation, but I'd get a lock for the door and put bottles or similar on your window ledges. Get a dog. Dogs are wonderful to snuggle with...