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    Sufferer My story : Childhood Trauma

    Hi, no I'm not in therapy. I've had therapy a few times over the years and did most recently for awhile following this most recent breakup, but I ended it ultimately. It was helpful, but I did not feel I could make any further progress on the matter of betrayal trauma and such.
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    Sufferer Greetings - what has helped you?

    I extend trust at times, but deep down I expect to be betrayed eventually and so I keep my distance from people mostly. I don't wanna be like this, but it's difficult when you've had so few people in your life that have ever been trustworthy. I have one such person in my life, a dear friend. I...
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    Sufferer My story : Childhood Trauma

    I've never really done anything like this, but I'm struggling and have been for sometime. I've been told I'm a strong person a number of times, but the truth is I feel I've been hanging on however I can for decades now. I'm 36 now and I guess just recently it sunk in that most of the things...