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    Sufferer Hi, I'm new. Feeling so hard to tell my parents and friends about my disorder

    Hi Sherry - this makes me so sad. That those around you would turn your struggle into some kind of flaw - wow, that hurts. I am going through the same thing with my in-laws: they think because I binged on alcohol on Christmas Eve that I'm an "alcoholic", even though I've been battling CPTSD for...
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    Sufferer Feel like friends don't understand me post-diagnosis

    I totally relate to this, Mach! I think us CPTSD sufferers have a lower threshold for stimuli (especially when it comes to the social stuff). I find myself to be rather social, but kind of distrusting/vigilant which makes me feel exhausted after spending time with certain people. I feel like it...
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    Sufferer Working through cptsd for years has been hard work. Hoping to feel less alone.

    This makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for your insights. I know I am still on the path to healing, just hit a bump. I'm sure there will be more. But today, I'm okay.
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    Sufferer Feeling alone & that my trauma isn’t valid

    So sorry you went through so much pain, Christina. Your feelings are absolutely justified. Glad you're here.
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    Undiagnosed I think i need to start here.

    Hello Saint George! Welcome. It takes a lot of courage to post about what you are going thru..I'm 35 and have been struggling for years and today was my first post to the forum. It's no burden. We are stronger together! Liz
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    Sufferer CPTSD Won't Own Me

    Hi Susan! Welcome. I'm Liz, 35. I have read that book as well but never done any blogging..I think I felt some kind of need to keep my trauma history a secret. I've had childhood emotional trauma, sexual assault in college and many unhealthy relationships and drinking-related problems, before I...
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    Sufferer Working through cptsd for years has been hard work. Hoping to feel less alone.

    Hi all, I'm new to blogging. Not new to disappointing my (new) husband, binge drinking and puking on my in-laws bathroom floor on Christmas Eve, all while telling myself I'm "making such good progress." Needless to say I'm sober, working through an action plan with my therapist (who is trained...