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    Ptsd basics

    You: ‘and yes, a small percentage who are not knowingly aware do get PTSD from this type of trauma. Again though, this is just fact, not personalisation.’ Fact, really? Because docs/anaesthetists say so? Their symptoms described as PTSD – odd that occasionally we read that their drugs, errors...
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    Ptsd basics

    You are misjudging me because you don’t know how hard I tried to learn, try understand, WHY the docs/hospitals covered up: culture and putting themselves first = the opposite of their duty. Sometimes it is RIGHT to blame and if somebody had injured me this badly, anyone else, say somebody in...
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    Ptsd basics

    Hi, I wrote on here several years ago but left because I was dealing with an acquired brain injury (and found it odd that no mention how closely symptoms of PTSD mimic brain/neuro injury) and other serious injuries and spent my time/energy trying to learn/teach about brain injury and how medics...
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    Finding negative core beliefs

    Thanks for trying but I give up (tried reading other explanations etc. too). True problems for me are daily living with my pain and disability but I do the best I can, try to ignore them BUT I MUST try to think/take them into account because if not I get too exhausted and eg hurt myself when I...
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    Finding negative core beliefs

    Oh and I had a core belief that doctors would always care for you however you became injured = I was wrong so that core belief was smashed. I had a core belief that if I told the truth I would be believed = I was wrong so that core belief too was naive and wrong. I believed that we are innocent...
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    Finding negative core beliefs

    Hi Anthony, I really AM dim I think: I’m having mega panic attacks because there’s way too much stress in my life, the worst ones being: crying when I come back into where I live because I’ve hated it for 18 months but can’t move/find place that fits my disability+ (prisoner) now threatened with...
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    Finding negative core beliefs

    I’ve read this 3 times now and still can’t understand it: I’ve got a brain injury and to me this just doesn’t make sense – either it’s wrong or I’m too stupid (it isn’t explained clearly/simply enough)? I don’t know if I have ANY ‘core’ beliefs (about myself = as this, I think, is trying to...
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    Scientific Bias in Studies

    Anthony wrote: 'The obvious factor here is that if you suffer concussion you will get PTSD. Its not because of the concussion, but because the trauma endured to be concussed in the first place.' I beg to differ: you won't automatically get PTSD if you get concussion BUT with concussion you...
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    News Anesthesia Awareness Isn't Just In The Movies

    Hi, yes it was me! Yup, i got some silly replies from person who was MEANT to be awake for an op, just sedated (very different in loads of ways!). Done loads of research since & found out so much (& on my op aswell). Very interesting (& this aspect is VERY covered up!): although they admit that...
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    News Disentangling Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Stress Reactions

    questionable research? As I have been researching PTSD and TBI/ABI for some time now, I was pretty shocked to read the conclusions from this 'study' by Hoge. I wonder where the funding came from as it is a clearly biased study. My guess would be funding from the military, and/or drug companies...
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    News Combat Stress Goes From Bad To Worse Without Treatment

    I've been doing a lot of research into 'diagnosis' of PTSD & how actually a lot of people really have brain/central nervous system/neurological damage - very interesting & important! eg: Soldiers are often exposed to 'brain shear' from explosions etc AND nerve toxins/insecticides etc (crossover...
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    News PTSD is Less Likely in Supported Patients Within Intensive Care

    traumatized, nope, why should you be? - it isn't the just being awake! or even pain, (had kids = had pain), no, you were lucky, your anaesthtists didn't make any errors. if you were told to move your toes you weren't paralysed with a muscle-relaxant, and they had allowed you to wake so you were...
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    How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

    had second acupuncture yesterday and last night had best sleep in 11 months! AMAZING, and i was pretty sceptical. feel half like me, eyes less sore etc AND have been able to get some little jobs done, hooray!
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    Hello All - I Have Been Diagnosed With PTSD

    hi rick, you're at home here, lots of us here just like you! just wondering, did you have any operations as a child, with general anesthetic? probably a complete shot in the dark, but many more children than adults experience specific problems during an anesthetic & can't verbalise what they...
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    Is There Anybody Who has Never had any Family or Spouse?

    hello purdy, i feel for you: i was orphaned as a kid, other family didn't want to know, no spouse etc. so i have always worked really hard to build up important friendships. i know that feeling of being totally alone, especially when going through a real bad patch, because then, even with...
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    Say Something Positive...

    i was camping once & woke myself up laughing!
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    What is Something Good You Did Today?

    today i'm feeling good enough (hooray) to say BIG THANKYOU to anthony/kerrie-ann & everyone here for being there, doing all this & teaching us so much (you lucky people, you're starting summer over there in oz, it's finishing over here! ) x
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    News PTSD is Less Likely in Supported Patients Within Intensive Care

    thanks anthony for raising this issue (& so much other really useful info for us on these pages) of acute respiratory distress, i'd never heard of this & it sounded so similar to my trauma, (suffocation) looked it up. found another article (don't know how to attach it but have it on desktop)...
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    Sleep? Deprivation is Painful

    hey you, hope, you & me both. even my sleep tabs aren't working now. feels like even when 'asleep' i'm half awake & busy all night. big hug to you from me. i'm going to break my rule & take 2 tonight coz am going down fast & need the sleep to get strength, after good night i feel like a million...
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    Poll Does Prescription Medication Help Your PTSD?

    haven't tried meds (other than mild sleepers) so can't vote but will watch & learn, was too scared to try meds when offered, then so desperate & asked for them and GP never faxed prescription as he'd promised - maybe i had a lucky escape?! coz that drove me to ask MIND (mental health charity)...
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    Anaesthetic Awareness - My PTSD

    hi boo, what you wrote above made me smile, thankyou - especially the hugs, had to dump man soon after it happened & been short of those! i'm so stupid, i thought not wanting ECG was just another part of general now being scared of any medical stuff, then last night had first really bad...
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    Quotes Relevant To PTSD Symptoms

    Khalil Gibran wrote (something like): the deeper that sorrow cuts into your soul, the more joy you can contain.
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    Anaesthetic Awareness - My PTSD

    bad bad hard hard day today. had to go for ECG (coz heart palps, but we all have that, but was Aok), had cancelled before coz for me i can't trust the docs/hospital coz the hospital did IT in the first place and have continued to hurt me since by lying/cover-ups/withholding info and GP also...
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    Anaesthetic Awareness - My PTSD

    yo painter nam, thanks for your support! not seen your story yet but will look back to find it... but your zzzzz sound great, well done you! you in US more advanced than us if you put about a/a in consent form, not mentioned in ours (and denied as a 'dream' or 'it never happens in OUR...
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Problem? - Feeling of Dread

    sometimes the phone rings when i'm relaxed (?) like watching telly & i jump so bad. it's that 'unexpected noises' stuff for me, and it's very rare you EXPECT a phonecall. often get very shaky & tearful after, heart beating hard etc.