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    Sufferer Life's joke on me - Riding the PTSD train, and l can't seem to find the exit sign.

    Sorry. That was awhile back. But l still suffer PTSD from it. So that's why l joined. I am now in a small place. And it's quiet. I still deal with thoughts of it happening. I debated about antidepressants. But l still haven't had anything prescribed. The police not doing anything was in another...
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    Sufferer Life's joke on me - Riding the PTSD train, and l can't seem to find the exit sign.

    Yes, my guy is a psychiatrist. So he helps out. But sometimes l need to vent - which means not to my friends. And l am doing much better. But it took 5 years to get to where l am at now. And my place is nice, right now l am not having any issues with my place. It helps to see how others walk...
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    Will I ever learn?

    I have read horrible stories of siblings even murdering a family member to get to money. It's downright creepy. I myself fear money, l hate that you turn into a magnet when you own property and or have money. It's like all the sharks start walking on land. So just try to remove yourself out of...
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    Sufferer Hello, my PTSD darkest moment

    Welcome to the site. Nothing but support here.
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    If PTSD is elevated, do you eat way less?

    I noticed if l am slumming thru with my PTSD haze of breathing weird, afraid to think thoughts to starve off depression, my desire for food seems nonexistent. And if l eat, l don't do it consciously. It's just a awkward chore that provides nothing of value to me. I have triggers associated...
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    In the impact zone

    True, that post addressing mom daughter issues was very educational for me even. But l am not a therapist, just an older woman such as you on a similar path. I have seen many mistakes by health care providers, in fact my state is known for some particularly bad doctors and some hospitals do...
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    Sense Of Self

    Self was a great person when l knew her. Now l feel l have lost her. She was happy and vulnerable, not afraid to show weakness. Now we protect her. She stays buried. Our tribe of selves take care of her and protect her. She has all the great memories. We keep her alive. We let her chose but we...
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    Lost weight due to PTSD....also dizziness

    Yes. I also lose my appetite and l feel lethargic.
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    Slowing down

    When l was a mother, staying busy helped thru the abuse l was going thru. Now l am going backwards and doing less because l am just feeling overwhelmed. Bipolar also can contribute to unlimited energy, but eventually people crash and burn. The manic state is when my ex would do everything. When...
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    Log Your Daily Exercise

    My gym had a fire. Hope they open Monday. I ran on Tuesday for 30 mins. And weight machines.
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    Sufferer Hi. Mid 40’s male with complex trauma, including domestic violence.

    Welcome to the site. I am new here,but feels good to come here and let the PTSD skeletons out of the closet. They seem to be accumulating and l have felt worse.
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    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    Thank you. I am glad to find this forum. Safety isn't available but this forum is helping me.
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    Not Ok

    We do hit lows. And the highs seem missing. But call upon the inner strength to be here tomorrow. So that we can support you in your journey to a better place. I am on the same journey. Trying to find a better place. I have only nothing but l keep trying, like you.
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    Insert Swearish Rant Here

    Why why why I don't date/ leave me alone/ I am not looking for you buttwipe Get loss/u aren't catching me in a romance scam either/ get a job asshole
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    Relationship Anxiety and Triggers

    Sometimes people really aren't ready for relationships. It's nobody's fault. I fell hard for a dismissive avoidant guy who can be cold and withdrawn but he indicated he is just overwhelmed and retreats - pretty much what l do also. He his autistic. He does suffer from anxiety and sometimes...
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    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    This happened in my attic space in another state. It is now happening in my floor space in a different state. I am sorry that wasn't clear. But the surprising thing is that this happens more than we know. Kind of surprising to me. These types have no qualms of altering anything you do. They...
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    Complete avoidance of anything too overwhelming

    Yes. I read you loud and clear. I refuse to ever remarry. I will only take separate bedrooms now due to gaslighting. Luckily l can't get pregnant, that train left. But l have a beautiful daughter. If you have a baby, get what you need upfront. Time off, different cooking schedule, gym time for...
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    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    That's the thing, it's kinda hard to catch them. I called the police in another state, the police were in on it, and refused to check the crawl space for a good 30 mins, allowing the boys to exit. But in some states, the police are honest and check immediately. On one show, there were two...
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    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    Those are great ideas. I do have a flashlights everywhere. I do have my blinds closed. I don't like anybody in my house. I hate answering my phone. I deal with phrogging. It's a series on lifetime TV now. It's when someone is in your roof or crawl space under your house. It's done to harass...
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    What helps you feel safe, comforted and in control?

    Sometimes nothing helps. I feel like l walk on a frozen lake and the wrong step means falling. But that's after being triggered or having nitemares.
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    Triggers again

    So my daily chores is recognizing I am triggered once again and then see those feelings. Yesterday l apologized because l was very angry at a good friend. I was sick twice at their place. I finally told them that my ex made sick for two years straight, so getting sick is a trigger because l am...
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    Woke up with a nightmare. I was in a room with a security gate. But l looked up and the door jamb was compromised. Then l noticed two men coming up the stairs to my room/security gate. I debated jumping out the balcony but was afraid l would hurt myself. I went back to the gate, and knew they...
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    Sufferer Life's joke on me - Riding the PTSD train, and l can't seem to find the exit sign.

    So new here. Hello to fellow sufferers. I am going thru mobbing, l have been gaslighted, l was stalked for 4 years by a guy l never met. And now l am riding the PTSD train, and l can't seem to find the exit sign. Running helps. I was in a battered woman state, l suffered thru this for some...
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    How Do I Trust Again

    Sorta get this. I have a friend, and we can't leave each other, but doses are small because we can trigger each other, yet we seem to heal each other spiritually. It's too connected to be toxic. He has childhood PTSD, I have life PTSD. I am one of those people who are mobbed daily. I have been...
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    I can't describe it… How to sleep without alcohol or drugs?

    I just keep waking up in terror. I run to deal with stress. My boyfriend is coming next year to live with me. I only need to make it 9 more months. Sleep comes from pure exhausting anxiety. Then a nightmare sets in, and l wake up with anxiety, which walks me over to stress. I do bombard...