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    How many times did you go through your trauma narrative in therapy?

    I spent a few weeks writing a trauma narrative in therapy. Typically I would write the first half of the session, then he would read what I had written and discuss for the middle of the session, then we'd return to baseline for another 10 minutes or so. And that's how that would go for the...
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    Normal aspect of dissociation or something else?

    Okay lets see if I can ask this in a way that makes sense. I started dissociating around 7 or 8 during a set of traumatic experiences. My home life was pretty good and the incidents occurred outside the home so it wasn't super frequent. When I told my parents what happened they didn't believe...
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    Dissociation during exposure

    Is that why I feel so awful now? He told me I might feel a little bit worse in the following days but I feel horrible. I feel almost as bad as I did after it happened. Almost, but not entirely... it’s like so many of the things I thought I had in control feel out of control gain. It’s awful.
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    Dissociation during exposure

    Is it okay to dissociate during exposure therapy? Just started this part of therapy after a while of coping mechanisms and since starting it I frequently partially check out in session. I’m not completely gone, I can still hear but it’s distant/ foggy. He knows I’m doing it and said it’s normal...
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    Feeling disconnected from partner

    Thank you for answering! We are married and have children. We currently live apart, but that is work related (his job periodically requires 6ish months elsewhere, with our children being school aged we don't go with him anymore but he comes home some weekends when he can). My partner was not...
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    Feeling disconnected from partner

    I've been feeling disconnected from my partner since a traumatic event last spring. This event triggered a lot of issues from childhood which I had done a great job covering up for 30 years. My partner knows about the event last spring but knows nothing of my childhood (and would be shocked as I...
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    Does the therapist attempt to get their client to say things they already know the answer to?

    I feel like this has happened a few times. Essentially last spring I had an evaluation related to a recent traumatic event but they inquired about passed trauma as well. I find I'm unable to remember a lot of that evaluation, but I do remember that I tried to be honest and mentioned some trauma...