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    Sufferer Depression and anxiety

    Im so sorry that happened to you, you never deserved it nor was it ever your fault or provoked it. there are just evil people out in this world. i sometimes think humanity is gone and some people walking around are so selfish and dont care what harm they cause to others. this is also coming from...
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    Sufferer Hi- I'm New Here and looking for support.

    Thank you for your advice and your thoughts and words. It has truly made me laugh and helped a whole lot. I was diagnosed with PTSD in early 2017 for an unrelated incident, infidelity who knew infidelity and ptsd go together. I've always gone to a therapist, covid happened and i tried the online...
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    Sufferer Hi- I'm New Here and looking for support.

    HI my name is Sandra. On monday 10/10/2022 i was going to work like a normal Monday. it was actually a typical great Monday. I had just dropped my youngest with daycare and on my way i went. Floors weren't wet, just a reg day here in NJ. I'll never forget the car; it was a Mazda 3 or Mazda 6...