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    My relationship has ended and I feel like I'm falling apart

    I have CPTSD from several different traumatic experiences. I posted in this forum a while ago about a relationship I was in where there were quite severe incidents of sexual and physical assault. For reference if anyone wants it Previous post Well after that his behaviour changed so...
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    Childhood I think I might have been SA's as a kid

    I have cptsd from childhood and adult trauma. The stuff I remember in my childhood is things like emotional abuse, physical abuse and neglect but most of my memories from growing up even into my adolescent are completely lost to me because I struggle with severe dissociation. Something I’ve...
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    Sexual Assault I feel like I’m as bad as he is

    Thank you, that's so kind of you. I'm sorry you've had similar experiences and I happy to hear thar you're starting to come out of it and see the light. It's hopeful for me too. EMDR therapy is something I have been interested in pursuing. I'm luckily enough to live in a country with free...
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    Sexual Assault I feel like I’m as bad as he is

    Thank you for your kind reply. I've been trying to look at things and treat myself the way I would if a friend was in/telling me about the situation, but it's difficult. I feel like my brain is warped and moulded by years of abuse that I can't even see situations clearly anymore. I have...
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    Sexual Assault I feel like I’m as bad as he is

    This is probably going to be a long post so I apologise in advance for pretty graphic talk of r*pe, domestic violence, periods and SA. So I have experienced quite a bit of trauma throughout my life including past experiences with abusive relationships and r*pe which I have a ptsd diagnosis...