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    I'm probably misusing it. My apologies. Thank you for the correction.
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    I was recently diagnosed with C-PTSD and struggle with determining whether I'm overreacting. Two big triggers are boundary crossers and bullying. I have neighbors who moved in a few years ago. They, their kids, guests, loose pets constantly trespassed, blocked my drive, and tried to build over...
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    What am I doing wrong? Any success stories with humanistic, person centred psychotherapy?

    I've been in your shoes too. Although my therapists never said they were my friend they terminated me for not "making progress," "spinning their wheels," urged me to make certain changes and then said I shouldn't have done it after all after I was stuck in the resulting new mess. I'm taking a...
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    The Bad Thoughts Won’t Stop

    My brain loops like that after I get triggered as well. And I also have (had) a therapist who shuts it down, which doesn't help and just drives it inside, although I'm sure it's how they're trained. I think there's a difference between rumination and these acute spirals. I too have a minimal...
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    Sufferer Anxiety, Depression, & Having A Hard Time With Christmas Being Lonely

    The holidays are a struggle. For me it really highlights familial dysfunction and my isolation, plus work is very busy. The "holiday season" seems to last from September to tax season now too. I find NOT watching holiday shows helps. I hope you can find something you enjoy to get you through...
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    Sufferer Recently diagnosed with C-PTSD after years of generalized anxiety, hypervigiliance, depression, and suicidal ideation being treated piecemeal.

    Hi, like some previous posters, this is my first mental health support group. I was recently diagnosed with C-PTSD after years of generalized anxiety, hypervigiliance, depression, and suicidal ideation being treated piecemeal. The diagnosis helped me understand a lot more of why I seem so "off"...
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    Problem with therapist misinterpreting me

    What troubles me is the comment trivializes both trauma AND addiction to the sloppy language of pop psychology. I agree with others that it's probably worth one more pointed conversation, but if he remains obtuse a therapist trained in trauma itself would be a better fit.
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    Fed up with family and angry

    I think whatever you need to do to make your life easier, do it. Paper biodegrades. You probably already have done this, but any extra income or programs you are entitled to because of your son's or husband's disabilities you should file for, although I know it takes forever and makes more work...
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    Sufferer Isolating and struggling to cope

    I can identify with the isolating--especially when I feel the PTSD overwhelms others in social settings. The interactions left when you can't really share feel shallow. You're definitely not alone, sending you good wishes.
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    Concerning neighbors` dogs and how my day has been...

    Late to this thread, but I just want to second Debbiere. I have a similar issue, in the city, with a neighbor who lets his dog run loose. I ended up having to put up a fence to protect my much smaller dog. Animal control didn't care unless they caught the dog actually in the act. The neighbors...