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    One reason you keep going?

    I keep going because firstly I have adopted the mantra : suicide is a long term solution ( infinity) to a short term problem (the shit happening now) - stopping ain’t going to happen and it just won’t work second: I have to! I have to work/ pay bills /clean house buy food you all know the...
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    Sufferer Healing Search

    You will find support, acknowledgment much empathy here. Whilst our journey may all be individually different- the supports, friends , healing in many ways can connect us…. Welcome
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    Sufferer its still going mental torture at night but....changing

    … not all dreams are created equal: it’s just some are more equal than others… couldn’t help myself I love Orwell books
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    Sufferer its still going mental torture at night but....changing

    Honestly from my heart all of you on this forum from all of your backgrounds, all of what you have experienced- I see you all as Legends!!!!!! Wow! What a fantastic group of people- thank you so much
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    Sufferer its still going mental torture at night but....changing

    I have been seeing a T now, I’m finally getting help to go over the trauma memories from so long ago- I’m now starting to see things from a different perspective which is really helpful. 1. The nightmares are actually my brain trying to subconsciously work through the trauma , because it’s to...
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    Write a happy story in 3 words

    Back to therapy
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    I have been thinking similar- flashbacks/ nightmares / poor sleep having to revisit with Dr and change of meds / because I was recently triggered - that said it hasn’t lasted and has subsided quicker than in the past- the volume is a bit lower - I really get when you said Grateful Humbled and...
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    Unusual: I having a I don’t care moment- literally thinking just about the song listening to- razors edge by goanna Think I need more moments like this - rare!!!
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    Overwhelmed and burnt out

    I get the running on fumes- lack of sleep, flashbacks/ the daily grind yea it’s wearing- I’m currently having a coffee outside doing a FTW moment (f*ck the weight) stopped coffee / breathing/ trees: do it again- then back into it- sometimes forcing a break from the grind helps- be good to yourself…
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    how to get out of bed when it feels impossible?

    Just try different things- it’s hard but don’t punish yourself for not doing it- next day have a crack get up - breathe deep, look in the mirror- say something nice to yourself- keep moving forward
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    how to get out of bed when it feels impossible?

    I was going to ask if you had a dog either way they really help me out with mood / outlook / depression- I find getting out of bed really hard- try making the bed as soon as you’re up - job done , helps me with motivation to continue the day idk- I find it helps….regards
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    What’s on my Mind now….. thinking about the work I have to do tomorrow digging/ putting in steel posts- I. Hard rocky clay soil grrrrrr! Don’t they say Embrace the suck- not looking forward to it! That said happy to be thinking about anything else at this point
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Yes this song is a cracker ! 😁
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    Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

    Animal Farm - George Orwell - yes read it before many times but it seems to show me something different each time….reading this is like sitting down with an old friend
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    Anyone experience with Bupropion?

    I changed meds about 7 or 8 times- ( over 20 years) don’t be afraid to discuss effects or change if you feel it’s not working- wish you all the best
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    Overwhelmed and burnt out

    Thanks Julie, it just seemed like in your post so much of you is given to everyone and everything else leaving you running on empty - let us know if you get something out of it kindest regards
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    1 inch tall

    Wow- you are so strong well done to you! Hope you find love , happiness and joy in life- whilst you can’t change the shit that happened in the past - look to the joy YOU ! Have created and found now through your hard work and persistence- credit to you for your strength and resilience- well done
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    Sufferer its still going mental torture at night but....changing

    Been having problems over the past few days- very recently as in few days ago I have been advised I’m nominated for a medal for my service - it’s for being wounded in the line of duty - far out : this has triggered the shit out of me difficulty sleeping/ flashbacks/ crying at night / hyper...
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    Overwhelmed and burnt out

    Wow you have a lot on your plate for sure- sorry suggestion 1 : please take time out for you - even 10min! But in this time try facing the sun or a nice place outside ,( quiet place inside also ok) close your eyes breath in for 4 out for 4- focus your attention just on your breathing- that way...
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    Has anyone experienced slow odd involuntary movement of hands and legs? side effect of medication or due to CPTSD?

    WTF! I have a similar problem…..from time to time I have what I called spastic hands! Go to pick up a glass and just knock it over , sometimes an involuntary jerk movement when I’m writing and sometimes just shaking… recently I even talked with my doctor as I was concerned that it was perhaps...