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    First responders and frontline healthcare providers

    Wish I had your financial instincts. Only thing I'm good at is getting insurance settlements from accidents I didn't cause. That's absolutely miserable. I know for a fact you're not alone there. Great wife! Mine's pretty awesome too. I'm a PA. Long history, long story, but I have some crazy...
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    First responders and frontline healthcare providers

    Are there any thoroughly burned out, hate my job, but can't imagine doing anything else people looking for the exit but can't jump ship because you've got a family to support? If so, what's your exit strategy?
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    What grounding technique surprised you that it worked?

    I used to do this thing on my way home from night shifts in the ER or on the ambulance. There was this river park on my way home, and I'd park and walk down to it, cup some of that cold water in my hands then splash it on my face. Felt like a ritualistic cleansing for some reason.
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    Sufferer 42 y/o... crap I hate this

    That's not the usual response I get. I try to forget, then feel guilty about trying to forget because these patients deserve better than that When you are young like i was when I first started in emergency medicine, you've got all this responsibility. You're always the calmest one in the...
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    Sufferer PTSD....18 years and counting

    Hi Deb, Yep... I get it. Me too. You're among your people. I understand what its like to hate yourself. I don't have great compensatory mechanisms for that feeling apart from just being numb to it. I hope you find what your looking for. I hope you get reminded what it is about you that is of...
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    Sufferer 42 y/o... crap I hate this

    I was diagnosed with PTSD about 8 years ago. I ignored it. The nightmares and flashbacks stopped. Actually everything stopped. I wasn't angry, sad, happy, or really anything else. I figured that it must be fixed. I grew up in a family of war veterans and firefighters. Every male in my faimly...