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    Break up caused by my CPTSD

    From my experience, others don't and won't validate my experiences or emotions. I realize that i must accept that. I validate my own emotions. If i relied on others, i would never obtain any peace.
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    Altering my core belief of being totally bad & unworthy no matter; corrosive self doubt

    I drown in self-hatred. One thing I found that I was good at caring for small and furry animals-mice, rats, Guinea Pigs, gerbils, and hamsters. No one has been able to take that away from me.
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    being triggered

    I was triggered by a response to a question that I asked of my sister. She lashed out at me verbally. Later, I called my mother and explained that I needed quiet space and that they couldn't visit until I was ready. Then, I called my sister to tell her the same information. The difficulty was...