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    Seperation Anxiety And Therapist

    I'm going to agree with Anonymous up there, and say that maybe it's time you found some other way of grounding yourself. There are a plethora of ways to ground yourself that do not involve dependence on another person's existence. I also am surprised that a therapist would allow this. If my...
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    Midnight Wandering

    I tend to wander the house, listening to music and doing things that distract me from the insomnia. My house is very clean...
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    Full Time Work

    Thanks everyone. The job is really rewarding, and my team are excellent. In response to the self-care question: I've had to 'step it up' a bit with the self-care. I have had to build an hour a day that is purely dedicated to self-care. I can, of course, do more than this, but doing this...
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    Full Time Work

    After many years of casual and part-time work, I have finally gotten to the point where I am capable of full-time work. I have had to put a lot of management tools and self-care tools in place to do this, but I have now been in full-time work for three weeks, and doing OK. My employers know...
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    Could I Have Ptsd?

    There is a real suffering here that needs attending to. I agree with the others who say to go and see a doctor about this, as regardless of any diagnosis of PTSD, you are suffering, and you don't need to. I am going to have to disagree with November Star, however. This is not an issue of 'agree...
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    Undiagnosed 14 Years Ago - Philadelphia In The Oil Biz

    Hi. Welcome to the forum. You've been down some long roads there. It is best to get a correct diagnosis from an appropriately qualified person. We cannot diagnose you here.
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    Ostracism and then isolation

    Go slowly. I felt something similar when I first started university, and since then, I have gathered a few friends and found some good people. I began by just engaging with other students in the classroom, and then trying to carry those discussions over after the class. Then I began to approach...
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    Poll Which Ptsd Symptoms Bother You The Most?

    The dissociation and flashbacks. The dissociation because whilst it can be incredibly handy to just 'fly out' in times of stress and upset, it can also be incredibly difficult to 'get back in' when you want to. The flashbacks because they are so damned intrusive, and can seriously disrupt all...
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    Sufferer Burn Trauma

    Hi Josh. Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to meet people, and to connect with others who understand.
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    Spaces In Memories

    I have thought long and hard about the blanks. Some blanks have filled with memories, but most are still...blank. I have come to realise that these memories are hidden for a reason - I can't manage them. I have had to learn to exist with the blanks, and when they begin to fill, to deal with...
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    Can Anyone Tell Me They Have Learned To Trust Again?

    I believe that you can learn to trust again. I have not learned how yet, so I can't give any pointers, but I hold out hope. Unfortunately, many of us have been kicked far too many times to even contemplate trying to trust.
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    Sick Of Setbacks, Does God Hate You Too?

    I often get concerned tat people believe God really does hate them because God is supposed to be loving and how could God allow these things to happen... (and I'm sorry if people get offended by what I'm about to say, but I feel it needs to be said), but God does not interfere in the world in...
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    Analogy: My Ptsd Feels Like...

    ... like I'm walking in what seems like an endless desert. Mostly, I'm alone, sometimes I meet people and we travel together for a while. Every once in while, there's an oasis, a short break. Sometimes there's a town where I can get supplies, but I don't belong there, so I have to keep moving. I...
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    How To Not Look Vulnerable

    Head up, shoulders back, look people directly in the eye. Walk with purpose, like you know where you're going at all times. Confidence is just a game, a scam... if you can make people believe you are confident, then you are.
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    Not Sure What To Say...

    Hi, what are 'atypical' causes?
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    Addiction - Ptsd Related Or Not?

    'best way' to self medicate does not equate to addiction... and you can be addicted to many things that are not substances. Things like porn set off all sorts of chemical reactions in our bodies, and this is what we become addicted to. I don't think that PTSD 'leads' to porn addiction, I think...
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    Photography And Ptsd

    Simply Complex: What do I like most to shoot? I think I like shooting singular objects close-up... a very small portion of the world to deal with... I love photographing the detritus of human life - burnt-out cars, derelict houses, broken things, old rusty machinery, coke cans in odd places...
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    Photography And Ptsd

    I have recently bought a fancy DSLR. the reason for this is that I was finding my little compact camera just didn't cut it for the images i wanted. I take my camera everywhere I can these days, and I have found a very deep love for photography. Anyway, I was recently reflecting on my...
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    Gratitude - What Do You Gain From Participation Here?

    It's nice to know that no matter where I am in the world (I travel a lot... I'm currently in a hotel room in Sydney), I can come on here, and know I'm not alone. it's nice to know that on those days/weeks when I'm doing ok, I can come here and read and sometimes help others get through their bad...
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    Addiction - Ptsd Related Or Not?

    Addiction to something is not the direct path that's been suggested, there are not certain things in life that lead completely to one addiction or another. you'll find that many people are addicted to alcohol simply because it is easily accessible and socially acceptable. So, in relation to...
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    Poll Do You Have Secrets About Your Trauma That You've Not Divulged To Your Therapist?

    To me, telling people things about myself is leaving me vulnerable to being attacked with it later, and just because someone is a T, doesn't mean they won't hurt you
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    Dsm5 - Developmental Trauma

    I have always wondered why PTSD was under Anxiety, and now it semms that the DSM is agreeing with me... it shouldnt be there. Am i reading that correctly, that PTSD will be in it's own section with other trauma-related things, and not under Anxiety Disorders?
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    Sick Of Setbacks, Does God Hate You Too?

    God doesn't hate you
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    Dsm5 - Developmental Trauma

    'Apathy syndrome'? This is a syndrome? I would think the entirety of the Aussie population would 'suffer' from this one! :)
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    Personalities Due To Trauma

    Sometimes it is just parts of us that have become separated due to the need to survive, and it's not DID... these parts seem to take on lives of their own, however all they need is listening to, and re-integration.;