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    Altering my core belief of being totally bad & unworthy no matter; corrosive self doubt

    Heartfelt suggestion: instead of practicing criticizing yourself, debrief. Whenever you engage with the world, spend five seconds looking at the positives of that engagement. - I successfully walked into the store - I successfully chose three things from the shelf - I successfully...
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    What do you do with the pain of not wanting to exist?

    It does. Furious screaming. Ripley-vs-Queen screaming. Eowyn vs Witch-King screaming. Defy it. Despair is the enemy, and we hate it - not ourselves. We hate anything that tries to limit us, control us, keep us down. Hate it and attack it with everything we have, logic and emotion and...
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    Every semester I go back to school I snap

    Overstress. In university I learned I had to set time out for exercise, every day - didnt' matter what, as long as it was about 2 hours long. Every day it felt like I was screwing up, couldn't afford to take a break from work; but every day I was better afterwards. 2 hours exercise was a very...
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    What would you choose?

    Postcard. I'd never even find the email. Cooking for a friend, or a friend cooking for you?
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    I felt afraid but came across angry when I didn’t feel angry...

    I would never apologize for expressing anger instead of fear. Fear gives 'em power. Never. Ever. Give someone power over you. Negotiate as equals, or You First.
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    Last movie or tv series you watched?

    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. highly entertaining.
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    favourite song from the tragically hip
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    Considering going back to therapy

    Strongly pro-therapy - with a stronger bias towards CBT and behavioral therapy. We can't fix the past, only our reactions to it. One therapist's unprofessional conduct does not predict another's. Mine have been perfectly well-behaved (if varying degrees of competence). And the extension of...
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    wish he wouldn't sing though. voice good; words, less.
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    I think what you're describing is called 'being normal.' Nearly everyone worries a little bit about what other people think, and seeks to preserve unity within the group by compromising between group-think and self-expression. The others in your group likely feel the same. "Getting past it"...
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    Wanting to Mention trauma-based anything without the room going Quiet

    in my limited experience: no. people consider mental health taboo. folk don't understand it, so their reaction fits somewhere between 'uncomfortable' and 'scared of me.' not being able to talk about it without shocking people is just something i accept. if i seek validation, i'll seek it...
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    ... when a single hallway is a maze and a two-hall intersection is an Escher painting
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    Trauma Relive in Dreams, Insomnia then Depression, Sweats

    you may benefit from practicing lucid dreaming. one method is to imagine climbing a rope as you sleep, with the notion of climbing 'up' to waking. then, when a dream is going bad, one can remember to climb 'up' and out of the dreams. it takes a lot of practice and perhaps not everyone is able...
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    Do you believe in signs and symbols from the universe?

    reality is mundane. neither magic nor mysticism are real. signs, omens and portents of all kinds are a (desperate) attempt to find meaning in the universe, to tell oneself that one is significant, that events can be predicted, that the world has meaning. but we are not significant; the world...
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    Not sure if it's my brain or reality

    if you had to visit a therapist because of his mistreatment, perhaps inviting him to dinner is a bit premature.
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    Write a happy story in 3 words

    At last, cucumber.
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    Fight or Flight

    honesty with ourselves helps. our emotions are valid and worthwhile. we don't need to hide, we don't need to repress. And we can be Calm while expressing Irritation. practice. raise your voice at home - not shouting, just Loud. practice intonation. do it until you're comfortable with it...
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    Restoring Cognitive Function

    suggestion: that sickening favourite of cbt and therapists of all stripes: 'mindfulness.' (i still gag a little saying or typing the word) 'mindfulness' turns what you're trying to accomplish into something you know. also, check if meds might be exacerbating cognitive difficulties. some can...
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    Should I have immediately disliked this person?

    let's get back to the most important topic raised here, which is gaming. gaming gaming gaming gaming
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    What small thing/s did you do today to chip away at your avoidance?

    went back to a coffee stand even though they're starting to know me. anonymity being threatened.
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    When a list of things you're not doing is a pretty good list.