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    Why Are People Shocked When They See Sexualized Cartoons?

    I'm with Nicolette here. Sex sells. It's as simple as that!
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    Do You Have A Funny Pet Story?

    Hey Manic, Sounds like your pup is a handful!! I recommend the techniques used by Cesar Milan - I think he's written a book which you might find helpful. From my own dog training experience, it's no point treating the dog like it's a human, as it won't understand!! As frustrating as it is...
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    Vent I Feel Terribly Alone

    Hey Charon, There's a lot of us lonely people on this forum, which means that we are not alone, after all :wink:. We are not losers, as we are using the resources available to us to get us through some tough times. You will always find something supportive here - even if it just gets you...
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    Any Ideas/Suggestions For The New Sexual Abuse Forum?

    How about a section on how to tackle meeting people and relationships? I avoid meeting people and can't do relationships, although I'd like to be able to meet someone nice one day.....
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    This is a Mess - I Need Answers

    Hey Luthien, You have some great questions there! It IS normal for those with ptsd to feel like they haven't got anywhere. It is unlikely that you are crazy - someone told me once that if you think you are crazy, you cannot be, as the crazy ones don't know that they are crazy :crazy: PTSD...
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    Poll Does Your PTSD Affect Your Employment Status?

    Hi karma, My intention with this poll was to find out how people with ptsd cope with working; are they able to work, and if so, is it part-time, full-time or self employed. The ratios of the different options have been fairly consistent, showing that almost half of ptsders are unable to work...
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    PTSD and Working

    Hey Mal, There is no given length of time before you can get back to work - it's an individual thing. I am currently off too. This is only my thrid week off, and I am still checking my work emails and feeling guilty about staying home. What makes it worse is that I've been through this...
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    I've Told A Supervisor At Work About My PTSD

    I've had a similar experience. The NHS psychologist gave me a provisional diagnosis, but there was a waiting list of 12 months for the confirmation session. I would have lost my job by then, so I went private. My employer is not very helpful. I have union involvement and employment tribunal...
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    Did Anyone Else Slide Into Major Depression?

    I get hit by depression a lot, but like some others here, I was relieved to be told I wasn't crazy, so the ptsd diagnosis didn't send me down much (from what I remember anyway:rolleyes:) When the general stress levels are manageable, I function pretty well. When the stress levels rise, I kick...
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    News Stress Disorder And Obesity As "Disabilities" - The Americans With Disabilities Act

    Back to the ADA thing. In the UK, you don't have to tell your employer unless you need adjustments. Adjustments are things like flexible hours, time off for therapy, a quieter office etc. Bit of a sore point with me - see my "Anger issues" thread to find out what happened to me when I told my...
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    What is Something Good You Did Today?

    Treated myself with some Green & Blacks chocolate and white choc and raspberry icecream with a large spoonful of clotted cream. Yum!!
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    Anyone for a cockroach cluster??

    Thought I'd share a recent adventure. I love animals - not just the cute, furry ones, but the vicious, spiky ones too! My most recent pet adventure involved a batch of Madagascan Hissing Roaches. I bought them off ebay. They grow to about 2-3 inches long and they blow air through little...
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    New to Board - Raped at Knife Point

    Hey CherryB! Welcome to the forum from a fellow English person.
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    Hi Everybody! PTSD From Childhood Abuse

    Welcome to the forum KLMN. I hope you find it gets you through your wall!
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    PTSD and Chocolate Consumption

    I forgot I started this post! I'm glad I did, cos I just laughed my head off at the family motto!!! It's maltesers for me, although I have eaten a 1kg bar of cadbury's dairy milk in 2 hours before. I also held the honour of fastest mars bar eater when I was a kid. MMMMMM! Gimme chocolate!!!
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    I Have to Ask - Why is Bec Modded?

    Holy shit!! I've been away awhile - very up & down - and I pop in to find this thread. It appears to be a typical argument for us ptsders! There is a disagreement. Shit is thrown. Everyone gets dirty and it's not pleasant. How about a clean-up? It's Anthony's forum, so he can do what he...
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    Anthony Is An Old Fart!

    Belated happy birthday Anthony!!!
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    Trouble on the Job !

    Hi Marine, I think the ADA route is advisable. is the boss you get mad at responsible for sorting the paychecks, or is that an HR thing that's causing you grief? Either way, explaining the situation as calmly as you can will come in very handy. You might want to write out your thoughts on...
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    PTSD Forum Cracks One Million (1,000,000) Page Views Monthly

    Congrats Anthony - it's incredible how this place has grown!!
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    Poll Has PTSD Caused You To Attempt Suicide?

    I voted no, but now I'm not sure. I have made plans loads of times, but have always managed to restrain myself. When I was younger, that was a different matter. I took a lot of risks. I also got to the point where I would stand up to my brother. The violence directed at me increased...
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    It's a BOY!

    :occasion::clap: Wow Nam!! I'm a bit behind the times, sorry you had to go through the whole NICU ordeal. I'm so glad you are home with your whole family now. Leo's a cutie! Take care and HUGE congratulations! Piglet
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    How Important is a Diagnosis?

    Hi Bob, If you are looking for a private trauma specialist, you might want to try the Oxford stress and trauma centre: Not sure how far that is for you, but they have a very good reputation and I can personally recommend them. Piglet.
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    News Rather Not Remember? You Can Fuggedaboudit!

    Hey Evie - this is a section I ALWAYS look at when I sign on. Your hard work is much appreciated. Take care! Piglet.
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    Good News From Piglet

    Thought I'd post a bit of good news here. I am very proud to tell you all that my dog has passed an assessment to be a Pets As Therapy dog!!!! She got top marks, even though I was a nervous wreck about it! I will now be taking her along with a couple of other people/dogs to a local children's...
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    Now Medication Free And A New Lease On Life

    Many congrats Veiled - and inspiration to us all!!!! Well done!!