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    Trust question for a sufferer?

    As a sufferer I can tell you that the cold moments will come regardless of what you say or do. Our triggers rarely make sense and they can come at random times. My wife calls it my flat face mode. When she sees it she give some space until I am ready to talk. When triggered it is a biological...
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    Sufferer 100% sure i belong. childhood trauma, father with ptsd.

    Thanks Eve. I would definitely prefer not to belong but accepting that I do in fact belong is a step toward healing for me I think.
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    Sufferer Not sure what to do.. ptsd from childhood trauma, in abusive marriage with new baby.

    Good for you. You made a courageous decision to spare your child the kind of life you have suffered. I am sure most people here wish someone had shown the courage for them that you have shown for your child.
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    Undiagnosed Another "not sure i belong" person

    I am so sorry you for what you have been through. I have found that reaching out online anonymously has been a very therapeutic thing. Hopefully it is for you as well. You are not a bad person.
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    Sufferer 100% sure i belong. childhood trauma, father with ptsd.

    Hi! I was diagnosed with complex PTSD earlier this year. I always knew I was a bit different but held it together for the most part until my Dad died in December. He was a Vietnam veteran and suffered from PTSD as well as parkinsons disease from agent orange exposure. His death broke me. I...