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    Am I overreacting to my mother saying PTSD is my fault?

    I'm sorry I haven't responded. I had to breathe to respond, but I care every time people reach out to me. I come here to express and I do feel annoying, but suicide hotlines don't help me, this is one of the few places that I feel compassion. I've also reached out to an invisible illness...
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    Am I overreacting to my mother saying PTSD is my fault?

    Ok well, my health is still on the decline, so much I had to put my two weeks in. I know my body this isn't PTSD and I wish I never disscused it with anyone especially my mother. I've been extremely ill for a few months. So today I was having a simple discussion with my mother about the show...
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    Insert Swearish Rant Here

    I loathe idiots who have not been through much, so the leave/say the most insensetive comments towards people who've been through tragedies, they treat it like fickle gossip. If you can't empathize fine, but somethings you'd think reasoning skills would kick in, because you don't need empathy to...
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    What Do You Need In This Moment?

    My imaginary friends and pets to be real and we all are a happy family who genuinely support each other.
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    What does it mean to be a good person?

    To me it means absolutley nothing because I only see bad, evil and decent in humanity. A lot of days even those three seem useless being apart of an oppressed group. The matter of survival seems more important because there's a lot of judge, juries and executioners running the streets. The older...
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    What do you want to accomplish when you recover?

    You have to be trained and certified by a state. The training course where I live is 35 hours. I put in an application for the certificate so I could be accepted for the training. After the training course you have to pass a test to be certified. It's also different for each state, because some...
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    What do you want to accomplish when you recover?

    Yes. May you have strength next time around, I relate to the college issue. It was stressful being subjected to ignorance by people. I finished an application for peer support specialist, it would be nice to motivate others with similar conditions.
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    I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

    Yea. I researched it and it's also simlar to seizures. As time moves on and the more I research I become doubtful it's just anxiety because I'm finally learning how to name my syptoms. I've called around, talked to my insurance, called the epilepsy foundation for more information. You know just...
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    I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

    Yep, it took a few days for him to get the order. I had to wait 10 to 14 days to be contacted by the neurologist after that, to be told I can't get an appointment until mid September.
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    I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

    I want to cry because you all are so sweet. I am thankful for the nurse that was by your side. These post are really making my year seeing people react so kind. If I have a bad day, Ill remember there are people who care no matter how the news and world seem to be especially when I'm having an...
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    I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

    Thank you. I definitely will ask for that.
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    I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

    I hope not, I hope those scans were right. I am hoping it is just anxiety and as most of us know PTSD can cause a host of physical symptoms and do weird things to our bodies. I'm taking off work for a while because I have medical leave hours plus a note. I'm watched carefully at home. I'm lost...
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    I went to the er for having stroke symptoms

    I'm looking for awnsers because they did a CAT scan and MRI and told me it was just anxiety and put ativan in my tube. Here is what happened. I was at work feeling okay, eating my food alone on break like I do. I was walking back from lunch and everything was calm to me, I wasn't nervous. It...
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    Analogy: My Ptsd Feels Like...

    Like the experience you get before you're almost about to die, even in a dream. It's that extreme anxiety and fear and not knowing what lies ahead. I didn't post an analogy because my finger slipped and hit post too early -_-. I would say it's like being sucked from an airplane and hanging on...
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    Sex After Sexual Abuse/ Rape.

    Yeah. I hate hugs from everyone and even if I get married my partner would have to understand how much I hate touch and touching because of trauma/flashbacks. The slightest sign of affection makes me uncomfortable as well. I don't even like compliments because they all are shallow to me and make...
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    Can feelings of over-excitement stem from ptsd?

    I was just trying to research more about this because I have these moments. I get so Euphoric that I'm connected and plugged into everything that will come to be and ever was. Then I burn out. I looked into this a bit in the past and it's not uncommon for people with anxiety disorders to...
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    - The more you type on here the angrier you get, so you backspace a lot of stuff because you get flashbacks while explaining anything related to PSTD.
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    Sexual Assault New to ptsd

    Unfortunately. Yuck. Affection can be uncomfortable, but why is it to you? To me it's poor trust. It's not a cure, but I guess knowing which emotion it stems from is a direction. I feel the same way even though I know I have good qualities that can build a strong relationship, but I relapse...
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    Horrible driver instructor today

    Today I had driver lessons that I paid for and this was my second time with the man. I should have trusted my gut the first time because he talked so much I had to fight to get a word in,so 10 minutes in the first lesson I was having a panic attack. Because of anxiety it's hard to go with my...
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    I'm planning to live on my own with trauma

    I'm aware. I think of my PTSD as a proxy disorder just like stress opens up the gateway for health problems like heart disease, cancer, lupus, etc. I have neurological disorders as well and I think abuse so young effected my brain chemistry in multiple ways. Yes, PTSD is one of those effects...
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    I'm planning to live on my own with trauma

    I've been diagnosed with too much. I think the root cause of all of them is PTSD. I'm too embarrassed to start a list.
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    Came Out As Gender Questioning To My Therapist And Her Response Kind Of Sucked

    I'm aware there are different forms of therapy, but this therapist definitely did jump the gun. There's talk about transgender and gay people being that way because of abuse vs the other way around like conversion therapy and being an easy target for being trans. Of course there are...
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    Have you encountered people that call you a liar when you're not? how do you handle it

    I hate making new friends and talking to people because I've been called a liar when I obviously didn't lie and they're framing me because A. they're holding something against me and they are fake B. Just stupid C. Other reason that is unknown to me. A guy from my ex job I told him I don't have...
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    I'm planning to live on my own with trauma

    In my very first thread here, I stated something about how my living situation is poor and it is. It's just so complex that I have a hard time articulating it to strangers. I feel a PTSD forum is most likely to understand more. I also touched on that I overcame a huge agoraphobia hurdle! I was...
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    How Does One Love Oneself?

    I felt much better once I developed the mind frame that other people's respect is useless. No human on this Earth is a God, so others people's input about what makes me happy is truly useless. We don't have oxygen thanks to being typed as ugly or beautiful and all the other categories. Being...