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    My Crazy Thoughts

    I changed my mind.
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    Poems About Suicidal Idealization

    hey nerdyhippe (love the name!) as a writer, and artist, I would like to give you some constructive criticism on your writing. Firstly, I would like to say, all your poems are very personal, deep, and raw. You spill out your guts in these, and I very much appreciated the emotion you put into...
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    No-Suicide Contracts

    I think it can be one of the many useful tools to help those in such situations. I personally have made a couple verbal "contracts". One with my boyfriend, and one with my doctor. I personally think it helps you think about someone else other than just yourself for a moment... "come back to...
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    Poll What Is The Workplace Really Like For Employees With PTSD?

    It was a very hard choice to disclose the nature of my illness to my employer. My immediate co workers, most of them, empathized and tried their best to help me. My supervisor was the best, but I think only because we became very good friends as co workers before she became my supervisor. She...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I must be crazy! For I certainly feel it! Missed my doctors appointment this week..they made it for 8am (wtf was i thinking, I should of have known better) and I totally slept in! Now I wont be able to see him for another week...
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    General Things To Know When Dealing With PTSD (As a Carer)

    I am definitely going to share this with my carer. Thank you for putting it into words, Liz H. Very appreciated. Thank you Generally for this thread. A Great resource!
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    Thanks for sharing more of your stories James. Personally, I have tried my best to cut out the negatives. That included leaving my workplace, as hard as it was. That pretty much meant my lively hood. It's hard. No more benefits. No more funny co workers to take my mind off the everyday...
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    About To Be Fired?

    is it possible for you to go on short term medical leave perhaps? It's like unemployment benefits, but if you can go to a doctor or psychiatrist and talk to them about your situation they could provide a note for you to take time off... I don't know if you can do that in the States. Here in...
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    Feeling as if shrinking?

    Kers thanks for replying. I guess that is another good way to describe it. Like a camera lense... good one. Usually when I get this, I am frustrated. Sometimes I have trouble achieving an O, so I am concentrating really hard usually. When I am walking and this happens, I am usually in...
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    Feeling as if shrinking?

    No its not the same feeling as that (maybe) Jadebear. Like, I LITERALLY feel small! My perception doesn't change but i PHYSICALLY FEEL me shrinking... strange to say the least, and hard to explain. Maybe I guess it's like I am sinking 'till I feel like a midget (no offense). I dunno how to...
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    Feeling as if shrinking?

    I am not sure if this is a hallucination or not, and am NOT looking for a diagnosis or anything but was just wondering if anyone else has ever had the sensation of feeling yourself physically shrink? Sometimes, usually when I am having sex or masturbating, and before I fall a sleep, and...
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    Trauma In The Womb

    interesting Very interesting. I have a memory of my mother being t-boned by a 18 Wheeler at an intersection... I described everything to her but apparently she was 7 months pregnant when that happened, but no one got hurt or injured other than bumps and bruises and some cuts from broken glass...
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    Tired Of Faking "Normal" For The Benefit Of Everyone Else

    Firstly, welcome to the community. I wanna say your title grabbed my attention off the bat. That describes me to a "t". Then I read you got into a car accident, and everyone thinks you should be over it after only 1.5 weeks? wow. story of my life right I am 2 years post being rear...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    Ok so I told my doc about my mood swings. Sometimes I feel absolutely great (especially since i started coming off the meds) but then within minutes (especially from a trigger) I get major depressed and all irritable and anxious again. My bf has been telling my his has been going on for a while...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    bad day damn what a day I had. It was pretty ok then went to shit hitting the fan pretty quick. I went to see my doc/counselor today...waited 2 hours to see him (he was overbooked, he was supposed to be off the week but decided to get the people who needed to see him most so he came in...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    James I appreciate you sharing your feelings and stories. I am sad to hear about your friends, but that is something we can all definitely relate to. I'm not nearly as old as you are, but I have had a few friends in my life pass away as well. My aunty (not blood aunt, my mom BFF) committed...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    thanks for sharing James. It always helps to know that I am not just crazy, and that many people go through it just like me. I always thought, we never had a choice to be born in this world. But we are presented with choices everyday. Life is all about choices. So why is it so taboo for one to...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    wwyd? I notice you are age, and I cannot help to assume you have some wisdom in life and trying times. Was it this hard when you were in your twenties? Did the world seem so crazy, imminently, slowly killing itself away? I know there was a crunch in the 80's... but these times are believed to...
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    goodness...I need to vent again. I feel like the smallest person in the world now. I wanted it to be a good day. I tried to to keep positive, because it's my b-day today. Don't have anything planned for it, just another day, but I just wanted it to be a positive one. Of course it doesn't ever...
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I am feeling pretty mellow right now. Right before I took my klonopins i was so edgy and angry. Some jack ass wouldnt let me pass on purpose and was laughing at me and was tailling me for so long. What the hell is wrong with people. Why do crazy people have licenses? Thats such a small thing...
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    Question About Pain Symptoms

    When I get stressed my whole body tenses up and my shoulders and mid back become stiff and painful. I get into this "fight/flight" adrenaline and it keeps me pent up and on edge a lot. When I cry a lot sometimes I get that head throb feeling.I also get this buzzing noise in my head. Not in my...
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    Putting A Face To A Name

    I'll post this pic since I got a mask on, and I think it's funny. This was early May in Montreal before going out to see UFC 113! Havin' some fun in the hotel room =) Link Removed
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    Feel Especially Unsafe With Family

    reallynow sounds like things are rough at home. What you are feeling is normal. Many feel like that in situations such as yours. When my parents were still together when I was younger they would fight ALL THE TIME since I can remember. Sometimes things would get thrown around. Sometimes things...
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    Medical Marijuana And PTSD

    Jadebear do not feel guilty. It is a very good herb with lots of medical potential! I'm glad to hear it has helped you take a more active role in society. I hope your success continues and goes beyond your expectations! =)
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    My Crazy Thoughts

    Hey Tessa, thanks for checkin in...I appreciate it. The last couple days I have been feeling better. Not so much suicidal anymore, but more lethargic and angry now. Maybe it's the heat thats making me so tired (sweating day and night in humid weather). But either way, it's not so bad. I'm going...