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    Sufferer Ptsd From Strict Religious Upbringing And Bullying

    Thank you all for your welcome messages :) I feel like this is a place where I may be able to share my story of what's happened over the past few months so I can process and move on. I don't feel like posting it in public,but if anyone here feels like they can "listen" on-line and let me tell...
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    Sufferer C-ptsd, Anxiety, Depression, Recovered Memory, Dissociation.

    Welcome to the forum! I'm a newcomer myself, but there appear to be a lot of supportive people here. Good luck on your journey!
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    Sufferer New To Ptsd And Recently Diagnosed With Ptsd, Depression, Anxiety Disorder

    Hello DCP, I'm sorry to hear about your car wreck experience that seems to have become "stuck" in your body. You asked about xanax and celexa. I've taken both of those in the past year. Not to scare you, but xanax can become addictive for a lot of people. You might try an alternative...
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    Sufferer Ptsd From Strict Religious Upbringing And Bullying

    Hello all. I'm 29 years old and still dealing with the effects of trauma inflicted when I was really young. It's taken years of therapy and medication to get as far as I have. I've learned to set healthier boundaries, to stand up for myself more, to build positive relationships with family...