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    General My Husband And Nlp Therapy

    If the NLP is working so well, might more of that be the talk therapy for your hubby? (I like to keep all distractions away but i like the sound of that dog. : o ) )
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    Ptsd, I Found My Son Dead

    Hello again JD, i wondered how you have been faring. Have you had any help from a therapist? Darn sure I couldn't face this on my own. You might want to share what kind of approach s/he took if you have been to someone. Certainly the loss is more than enough reason to go see someone, let alone...
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    I'm Really Really Scared... Please Help Me

    Sharky, hi. Thank you so much for coming here and sharing. i can see things are getting a little bit better since your partner showed the understanding after reading some of your inner thoughts. He also may have some things to sort out from earlier times in his life that kind of get restimulated...
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    Hypervigilence Makes Me Feel Like A Witch

    Hyper vigilance can be a tough one to shift. My thoughts are that for some there is a chance that it began after a particular experience. The hyper vigilance may seem to be an overall effect due to the total traumatic experiences one has had. Yet it may have begun either after a certain event or...
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    What Is A Trauma Therapist?

    I agree with Anf. The other thing, if this T has been at it for some years, they may have dealt with all of these things enough to feel they can be especially effective in those areas. in addition some people continue to do courses - short or long - and over many years gain a lot of expertise...
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    What Is A Trauma Therapist?

    Does he know you are not getting any traction? You might consider telling him just what you said here, that before was good but now... Tell him what you want to gain out of your therapy and that you are not getting it and ask what he can suggest.. go well PL
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    Wasted Therapy

    I love the way Gizmo puts it. You could actually let him know you want to back to weekly - if you do - then write what you have written so well here and give it to him to read when you get there. Might you be waiting for your trust of him to increase a little more..? At least he will know...
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    Physically Unable To Continue Speaking

    Hello Nadia, you mentioned that you can talk with close friends and with your therapist. Perhaps the borders of your comfort zone will extend outwards as you become more comfortable. Perhaps the more you can trust the more your ability to communicate with speaking will be enhanced. This might...
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    Physically Unable To Continue Speaking

    It is a while since you first wrote about this Kimba. How did it go, eventually? I can easily imagine past pictures, emotion, pain etc freezing speech. My feeling with those who have related experiencing this in a session is it says things are moving a bit too quickly (for this person concerning...
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    Sexual Assault Where To Begin? Finding Negative Core Beliefs

    Just to clarify, this is not a process where one finds a belief and then goes hunting for its origin. The traumatic events are worked on and beliefs show up during the process. The discovery of the belief or conclusion usually heralds the end of the incident's post traumatic effect. love to all.
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    Sexual Assault Where To Begin? Finding Negative Core Beliefs

    My take on this, put over simply: Beliefs, seemingly set in concrete, are often set in place while one is actually being traumatised. These show up - sometimes suddenly - when the actual incident is being investigated with the skilful direction of the therapist. Once discovered in this context...
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    Research Are You Getting Exposure Therapy? Just Testing The Grounds...

    Just want to add to what was said about regulating counsellors etc This is pasted from the AAHTC counsellor association website. "Counselling in Australia is a self-regulating profession. This means that professional standards for counsellors are not set out in any State or Federal...
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    Ptsd, I Found My Son Dead

    You have been dealt a terrible blow, yet your compassion and your inner strength is glowing through. When things are at their worst, please come by. There will always be someone to listen and empathise. I hope you find some strength from the many souls tuning in to you.
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    Massive Anxiety After Posting On Forum.

    There are two separate aspects. One is the forum can be coded so that search engines do not find the text in posts. The other is - whether they can or not - any section can be set such that one has to login in to read a post. As Anthony says, there are areas on here like the latter. In all...
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    General Is Guilt A Symptom?

    Some thoughts - It may not matter whether guilt is a symptom or not but if not then it could certainly be the result (product ) of a symptom - Whatever it is we could say that given the discomfort and the damage it can do, working on reducing or getting rid of it can only be a good thing...
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    Rape Or Drunken Sex?

    To "myself" One thing to consider is healing, coming to terms with what happened etc, easier said than done but vitally important for one's own mental and emotional welfare I would think. The other is legal redress and is something we have less control over. If we put a couple of years...
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    Should I Tell Someone?

    We are so proud that you stood your ground and that you can now get back to what it important to you. You can bet she will think twice before doing something mindlessly unethical like that again. xx : O )
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    Rape Or Drunken Sex?

    Hello bombwife. First, welcome aboard and I hope you experience soon the healing you truly deserve. Second, I acknowledge your bravery in sharing here. My thought is that whether you decide you were raped or not, memory is such that it can still seem like yesterday and the years don't always...
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    [sun, 29 Jan, 2012] Canberra Ptsd Support Group (canberra, Act)

    Canberra PTSD Support Group Anyone interested in PTSD is welcome. Sun, 29 January, 11:30 – 14:30.
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    Undiagnosed New Here, Tired Of Pushing People Away.

    Welcome and thank you for coming. We have been waiting for you. Diagnosing PTSD is a matter for a specialist and put roughly it is a matter of seeing how many symptoms you have on the list. What is important is you have put your hand up. First off your story is very familiar. There are so many...
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    Sufferer Diagnosed Yesterday. Been In Denial. Here To Learn.

    pan's person The medication may be helpful but if you can go without it power to you. You could just get the referral without the meds. if you can go thru treatment without meds all the better but just know that it is there if you need that support. It is not impossible to get over PTSD by...
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    What Is A Trauma Therapist?

    Genuine caring, empathy and the ability to accept what the client says as true for that person in their world + competent training and experience to expertly address the job at hand = your are in with a chance : o )
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    Sufferer Diagnosed Yesterday. Been In Denial. Here To Learn.

    Welcome. My first thought is to be good to yourself. Besides the trauma stories there are lighthearted recounts and great wisdom here to soak up . And sometimes the responses to tough stories can be heartening and lift the spirit. As to the diagnosis, remember it is a label. Knowing what you...
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    What Is A Trauma Therapist?

    Sounds spot on Junebug Imagine all the learning in the world and no humility/genuine caring. No wonder wonder people quit therapy. Sunrise : o )
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    The Small Things In Life. What Makes You Happy?

    ya gotta love bed snuggling to the accompaniment of rain on the roof. Ever since childhood on the farm when the roof of course was tin and much more effective.. xoxo