“Not tired”


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Parents really need to wake up and see what their children are going through.
Im a full time student with a desperate need of academic validation so i study whenever i can. I work muktiple days a week to save for my future while my parents also take my money to cover taxes and household. I cry as soon as my distractions get taken away because my mental health sucks. Finally


don't accuse me of experting, luigiii, but i'm fairly certain the vast majority of parents have noticed and taken measures to address that particular fact of industrial life. my own highly dysfunctional parents were aware of that fact but unable to provide. their occasional efforts to provide did more harm than good. support me in the mental health care i desperately needed by the time the rest of my peers were graduating high school? surely you jest. . . i would have had better luck buying bread at a hardware store. they were far too blinded by their own mental health issues to care about mine. they lived long lives and died convinced they were oracles of truth and righteous living.

i found my own recovery by leaving my own parents --siblings, too-- out of it, entirely. they is what they is and they ain't what they ain't. helpful parents, they ain't.

gentle empathy and steadying support on your strictly personal plight. are there school counselors you can work with?