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Yeah I pretty much stopped watching and listening to the news.

Someone asks me what I think about such and such and I'm like I have no clue.


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I'm not too worried about it coming to a town near you. In most civilized societies it would have a difficult time spreading.

Yea I agree, it wouldn't spread that bad in the west.
And if everyone is worried and educated about it, it would be gone in no time.


I think we're all tired of this but having kids in public school, I can't help but be alert. I know damn well the public school system isn't going to protect any of our babies. (Knock on wood that it never becomes necessary to protect them) We had a family meeting last week. The question I posed, is at what point do I pull the boys out of school and start homeschooling again. We all agreed that if it gets close, as in within the state, we'll make that call. Hell, Atlanta and the CDC are only about 100 miles away. (That could be good or bad)
So, I'm reading the paper on Sunday...
A new Fort Benning soldier who had recently traveled to Nigeria has a high fever and has been isolated from other soldiers, according to a statement from Maj. Gen. Scott Miller, commander of Fort Benning and the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence.
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All I could think is, "you gotta be f*cking kidding me."
The soldier was tested and turned up negative, but at what point is this shit considered crying wolf? It seems to me, the media is like one of those sick f*cks who wants something to be wrong with them, medically, so they can get attention. I don't know the name of those people. Everyone with a damn fever (going into flu season btw) is a suspected Ebola carrier. Ok sure, the dude has been to Nigeria. However, instead of making a headline that promotes fear and worry, they couldn't have waited til they had a chance to test the dude?

Point is, the media is going to (or already has, for some) make us dead to this shit, so if a real threat comes we'll just laugh at the TV and say, "Quit bullshittin'."


The media is going to keep making this sound like its a major issue. It sells advertisements.

Until ISIS does something or Obama punches a child, Ebola is the trending hype.
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