2021 Is Gonna Be Better! (Goals, Aspirations, & Anything You’re Looking Forward To)


Ok so maybe I’m posting this a tad early, but I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2021!

This year has been so...ick...for most of us so I thought it’d be a good idea to make a list of 2021 goals, aspirations, and things we are looking forward to (even if they may not actually happen in 2021).

Being so excited for New Years is totally NOT me. I’m a Christmas nut who wouldn’t mind skipping Christmas just so I can get to New Years. My mind is just done with 2020.

So on to the good stuff!

1) I want to go back to school, and hope to start off with one class in the spring. (So excited for this!)
2) I’m hoping to go on a family vacation this summer with my mom and possibly extended family. It would be a reunion of sorts and a memorial for my grandparents. This has been postponed for a few years now.
3) I’m hoping to move to a more permanent home. (I’ve been trying to do this for awhile, but I’m optimistic it will happen in the upcoming year!)
4) A big goal is to return to therapy. I found a therapist, now I just need to make contact and go. (It’s a specialized kind of therapy.)
5) And then there are the little things that aren’t so little....being able to do things in public....eat in a restaurant....go to the movies....socialize with friends....

So what are YOU looking forward to in 2021? Let’s make it a GREAT year!

ms spock

I have enrolled for some courses for next year and been accepted in to a few of them. Some of the are short courses and some of them are longer so I am researching a lot and working out where I am next going.
Though I have decided to stop teaching I am doing lots of fantastic Teacher Professional Development, some of this would have been so useful last year.
I want to get really fit - so I am trying to get 10,000 steps up a day now in order to be able to push forward with 20,000 steps next year.
I really want to listen to as many of David Burns' podcasts and study them and apply them to myself.
I have been planting out our garden with Indigenous plants sources from our local area, they are all a couple of dollars each, that nursery has been such a find.
I want to get out of being overweight and manage my eating better, now I am not comfort eating at night that is doable.
I want to spend as much time teaching and guiding outdoors. I like working outdoors.
I am starting Teacher training for being a Meditation in January so I have lots lined up to be engaged with and accomplish and achieve next year.
I want to do lots of grounding and being present.
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I can't wait to go literally anywhere else that is not my f*cking house.
I'm excited to begin another semester working on my counseling degree. And then this summer is going to be the very last free time I'm ever going to have before I start getting really deep into the program and using all my breaks to do practicums, so I really hope I can do literally anything else than being stuck in my f*cking house.
Finally getting the damp sorted in my flat. I first reported it in 2016 and have been fobbed off by one senior official ever since. I've heard that he's losing his job in April and I know a lot of people who will be celebrating that. He's deliberately kept so many tenants living in slum conditions and lying about it, it's now costing the building owners hundreds of thousands to put it right.

Once the damp has been sorted, I can finally turn the flat into a home and stop having to keep everything in plastic storage containers to protect it from the mould.


Lose the 15-20 lbs I've put on. Going to officially start exercising on the day after New Years again. I just got so burned out by being on the treadmill every night but it's not doing me any good just sitting around. My work is slow as well. ( thanks pandemic) so that's my goal. That and watch Amazon TV while I work out for the hour at night again. I did feel better after fast walking. But damn.. Its just doing it. 2021 is going to be a better year!! Let's hope!


- I want to travel again. I need to get off this island, which basically echos SRG's sentiments of "getting out of this f*cking house" because for me it's quite literally the same thing

- Graduate (end of 2021)

- Dog (summer 2021)

- I really would like to get a better hang on this chronic fatigue, *somehow*, but considering I've been fighting this for over a decade...not very optimistic