Sufferer 25 yo, hit by car 2 years ago on bicycle halfway through degree, received concussion


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Can't enjoy anything I did before. My limitations are at first glance entirely invisible. Always tired, nervous, hopeless feeling. Hate using the road, cars terrify me, but they're everywhere. People look at me weird when I use the area for people with disabilities at my university.

But maybe that's not a good introduction. I'd like to grad sometime, and find work, have a nice little family, like most people. I like science, art, the outdoors, racing motorbikes (back when I could), and I used to love bicycling. I see a therapist once a week, go to the gym twice a week and I should probably get surgery so I can use my arm properly again.


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Thanks Joey, sorry if my post doesn't follow the forum format properly, I looked but I'm not entirely sure how things are done around here.


Welcome!! Sorry things are so hard right now. But glad you reached out!
Just take your time getting to know the many ways the forum can help you. Lots of supportive and caring people here that will relate and be understanding.

Hope you find support and encouragement here. Times are so hard right now and we need to be around people who understand us. Glad you are here.


Hi @Mitch1234,

I am happy you are here because this is truly a healing place, but not so happy about the reason you are here because I hate for anyone to suffer from PTSD. It makes me a bit sad, but I know that healing can happen here. This is a good place with friendly, insightful people, excellent staff, and many informative articles.

I am wishing you the best as you explore the site and hope to chat with you after you've had the opportunity to look about.


Hello and welcome!

I think you're joining in just fine and glad you found the forum. I was a nervous mess when I typed my intro, but people here are understanding and helpful. You'll find lots of support here!