Sufferer 37-year-old gay male who has recently been diagnosed with CPTSD

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Hello everyone my name is Fyn. Not my legal name but my preferred name. I am a 37-year-old gay male who has recently been diagnosed with CPTSD/ Well my initial diagnosis was in 2017 but I had to move around a lot and only recently started to see a therapist again. No idea why I am trying this to be honest but here I am/ My PTSD comes from child abuse, and trauma from my teen/young adult years involving losing people and such. Sorry to be vague but don't want to go into detail about it so as to not trigger anyone else.


Welcome to the community! 😁

No worries about triggering anyone else round here. One of my favourite pieces of the Community Constitution Is right at the bottom of the quote below…

“After all, this is a space where those affected can discuss trauma and its consequences.“

Just being on the site? Is notice that we’re not talking stubbed toes, round these parts, but PTSD. And in point of fact? Reading Forum Increases Symptoms!

Again, welcome!

Individual Responsibility​

All members are expected to manage their own emotional and psychological regulation.

MyPTSD does not use trigger warnings. Mind reading what could be a trigger for another is a negative thinking style, a problem all PTSD sufferers need to correct at some level. Whilst some view its use as a courtesy, it is impossible to know what will, or will not, trigger another person, regardless the graphic detail contained. After all, this is a space where those affected can discuss trauma and its consequences.



Hi fyn. I'm new here. I got to this post by searching for Gay and I was going to say that we probably share some issues and triggers. But then I thought, wait.. maybe your gay reference wasn't the big issue to your PTSD and I was just assuming through my own experiences that it was. I need a change of thought that enforces that it was the actions of others and not my 'gayness' that is the cause. It's difficult because I know that none of them would ever have happened if I'd not been gay. Whoa that's way to heavy for a Sunday night :)


hello fyn. welcome to the forum. sorry for what brings you here, but glad you are here.

i'm a child prostitution survivor and in my 50 year journey to recover from those psychic wounds, peer support has been my most consistent therapy thread. the pro support has been valuable, but it is through my peers that i have learned how to apply that expert jargon to humble daily life while learning the obscure arts of trust and fellowship. welcome aboard. hope you find stabilizing companionship here.
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