4 losses all at once


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Hi guys. I am really struggling in every area of my life. For the last 6 months I have been in bed liberally for most of that time. My body feels dead my head is empty and I cant feel anything. I cant feel any connection to anything or anyone and i am married with a teenage son. I am very disconnected. I have constant tension in my face and my jaw feels like it is starting to deform lol. I have had these illnesses for a very long time but have not been physically affected for this long before. I have ptsd, bpd, depression and anxiety. I believe the affect on my body is the build up of all the grief. I lost my job in December, my son moved out in january I feel like I lost my husband to the church and community, and I lost my father in april. I think maybe it was the losses and my mind not being able to function or cope with it all. However I need to start feeling again. I have always turned to drinking to cope but made up my mind to not drink to cope with this. Because I want to understand what I am feeling and why and where the root of it all has come from. I feel like my ptsd has manifested into something so dangerous. I literally feel death Is just around the bend I can almost taste it. If that makes sense. I know i sound so selfish and I probably am but I am trying to survive. I have locked myself away from many people because I dont want to be around energies. I constantly post how I feel on social media because I hate talking. And can never express myself with verbal words. Music is my savioir and sometimes my biggest enemy. The week my dad died I was in bed and felt paralyzed. The night before he died my hubby was applying for a devorce online. Then the next day we got the news my dad had died. I was numb the whole time and couldnt feel anything which made me feel even worse. I was numb For about 3 months. After burying my father I ran away from my husband for 1 month to get away and breathe. During this time I slept with a mutual friend of mine and my husband I still was disconnected and numb. It has been 2 months since I have returned home. I am still disconnected and am pushing my husband away. I cant feel anything but tension and all I want to do is run away and be my own burden. I trust noone but i also dont want to die. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know what I should do because I cant figure it out and I'm just so drained


Hi, sorry for your reasons of being here. I used to use alcohol also but stopped nearly a year ago. Do you have a therapist? Have you told a doctor how your feeling? It sounds like you need help.


I'm sorry to hear about all your losses. I agree with @Survivor3 that talking to a therapist and doctor could be helpful. Therapists can help with grief and changes in your life. If you don't have a therapist your primary care doctor can likely refer you to one.


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Did you replace the drinking with any other coping mechanisms? Or just cut yourself off from everything you use to self-regulate?
No I didnt replace it with anything. I cut everything. This is a new process I am trying. I think I just disconnected and not sure where I went. I keep trying to find myself but am blank amd feel nothing. I know it happened before my dad passed so I ha e been trying to find out when it happened. Sometimes I pop in and out if that makes sense. It's the longest I have ever been disconnected. I am trying to make sense of everything and find the core. At night I have noticed tension in my jaw had gotten worse and cant sleep till about 3am. It feels right that I am consciously searching. However I'm not sure how to navigate through. It's very draining and my body feels dead.


No I didnt replace it with anything. I cut everything.
I wish I’d understood how stress related disorder responds to stress, when I did something similar, years back, thinking I was being “responsible”.
This is a new process I am trying.
Word to the wise… what you’re experiencing with this new process? A MASSIVE surge in symptoms, and near total loss of functionality, relationships breaking, 6 months in bed, suicidal ideation, and all the rest? Is exactly what you can expect to happen if you have a disorder that’s incrediably reactive to stress, and essentially sau “f*ck stress management”. Been there, done that!

Like a diabetic who tosses their insulin in the garbage, chucks out all their healthy foods, quits exercising, and only eats cake & soda. It’s a reeeeeally predicitble end result & a very very bad idea. I didn’t know that, so I ended up losing everything in the process. Took me years to get even close to back to where I was -a hot f*cking mess- before I decided to be “responsible” >.< and quit doing all the things I used to do when my disorder -and my life- were well managed.

This (below) conceptualizes it waaaay better than I ever could. I only wish I’d come across it sooner, in my own life.