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5 Things I'm Thinking Today

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1) If you have nothing to give it isn't over... Because need find something to give, first. Which takes time.
2) That was a heckuva good sermon and glad I took her invite.
3) Bestie gonna be alright... just cos she said so.
4) B-Wings.
5) What X said is also bs, countered by the same ol'. And: At least I do something while you bitch about no hazard pay. Without the cash, too.
1) It's nice to be talking to sis (of choice) more often
2) I am behind on the diaries I follow here. I feel bad.
3) I have to admit covid is getting to me
4) I can't believe I lost my wallet. I hate my brain
5) my stress cup has either over flowed or I am also triggered.
1) Do I want more coffee... of course I want more coffee
2) Why isn't anyone else 5 thinking
3) I have to pee. I swear I always have to pee
4) That was an amazingly civil conversation.
5) Time to let the guinea pig run wild?
1) Here here Muttly! :D Imma gonna 5 Think.
2) Ask BigSis later in a bit. Because yes, med dosages ideas are rn pooch screw and Medicate pain / Do you want help? A++ offer.
3) And that fever could also about f*ck off, I'm trying to think here.
4) Babybean's Birthday Gift
5) So not only I'm Rent-a-Parent I'm an uncle (again). Still so wild and grin inducing.
6) For that confused alter in the back: Yo, like hell we f*cking up. B-Bean bitches at everybody Mom included cause his lungs are awesome and being a spectrum toddler is haaard. :inlove: That ain't us doing wrong, even if distressed babies = fast track meltdown and feeling like a monster.
Kids that scream..
Mothers to be taken care of
Selfpreservation while looking at the clouds
Dislike bees
No need to be strong, and who defines what?
1. Wish he'd just shut it.
2. Or at least past 10 pm.
3. And I'm f'ing sure we have a law against that.
4. Sighy sigh at insomnia jags & nightmares prompted by nearby assholes.
5. Tf me & arm though, for real? But at least I get why space out new injuries. My sleep is wiildly off its game.
6. Distracting archers & w/e that super f*cked thought train of delayed impulses is, still. Just cus I'm Batman. ... or more like super tired Robin with a wrong letter.
1. Bees, second half.
2. Paqe max.
3. Tequila.
4. The mystery of Jap feminine speech particles. :banghead:
5. Switch lanes self. U so 200 po vstrechnoy and not even doing anything.
6. ... which brings us back to bees.
1) That's too obscure biblical slash stuff even for me
2) Fine, what she said, hit up scholars at that uni, their library should have it
3) Needs a different blend curry
4) References
5) That wasn't my science wrong, but hers. :banghead: So sick of 2nd guesses. On something so elementary.
6) Talk to M.K. and not M.B. MB QED this, f*cks with you.
1. Robo-bees ?
2. I can't be bothered with the rest of this day
3. Please let things run smoothly ?????
4. Set more alarms
5. One day .. soon ?
6. Ignore bits that don't matter
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