A/C Unit Installed (Finally) & 1 More


My A/C Unit has finally been installed after a literal month of being on my Home Warranty's BUTT about it. The contractor has been nothing but nice so I have faith in his install. They got us a Lennox for the trouble, and the contractor made a point to say that they NEVER give people name-brand equipment so I hope it'll work fine. They come back tomorrow to level our concrete base from the last A/C unit.

The one more is... I stood up for myself today by emailing my supervisor and (practically) demanding payment for the hours I've worked. Backstory is that the supervisor emailed me and 3 other coworkers and asked us how long it takes us to complete a task, and one person responded back saying that it takes them 2 hours to complete said task, so this supervisor has been capping everyone else's hours to 2 even on involved cases (I work in special education, so some cases are more involved than the straightforward ones), and I have been logging how long it has taken me to do each kid's information. I shared the Google Sheet (like Excel) with this supervisor as a "viewer" and explained the amount of time it has taken for me to do each kid, and informed her that there are notes explaining exactly what I have done and to account for the time taken, and she didn't fight me like before, so I'm hopeful this means I will get paid my fair share. Especially since I would not fudge time or work extra hours just for the fun of it during my summer. So I'm proud of myself.