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A costly lie

Discussion in 'Medical' started by Congruency, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Congruency

    Congruency Tumultuous Uprising Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Yesterday I saw my endocrinologist for my checkup. I have hypothyroidism and my endocrinologist checks my blood work every six months. This time he changed that to a yearly visit because I appear stable. It only took 14 years to get to this place due to poor regulation of my TSH/FT4 by various other doctors. I got referred to the endocrinologist because I had complications from hypothyroidism.

    When I made the appointment back in the middle of August I told the receptionist that I was low on thyroid medicine. She had the gall to tell me that I wouldn't get any more until after I saw the doctor.

    I should've, could've, would've called her on this crap but I didn't. Instead I took the alternate thyroid medicine which has dyes in it that I'm allergic to.

    When I saw my endocrinologist yesterday I had all the symptoms of an allergic/sensitivity to food dyes including a stye on my eyelid, my most visible symptom. I told him what the receptionist told me. My husband was there in the exam room with me. I don't usually have him there with me yet I felt I needed reinforcement for confronting my doctor. The endocrinologist visibly bristled when I told him about being denied thyroid medication. He said that he gives a 30-day prescription until the appointment. I was on a 90-day mail order prescription.

    I left the doctor's office feeling much better about my doctor. I thought he had denied the prescription.

    My husband said he really liked my endocrinologist and understood why I've stayed with and made the 170 mile round trip to see him.
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  3. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington _______ in progress. Premium Member

    I hate it when secretaries try to act all big and bad and authoritative!
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  4. Congruency

    Congruency Tumultuous Uprising Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    I think she's going to a fired secretary. The endocrinologist treats patients with diabetes. I couldn't imagine someone being denied their insulin.
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