A Thread for Those Who Have Gone No Contact with Family: Does the Loneliness, Isolation, and Grief Ever Get Better?


@TruthSeeker Family should bolster and love- well surely any good relationship should include that, it is critical. But I think you need health, boundaries, acceptance, respect and it has to be selfless enough to be 2-way.
I think you are on target with how the ideal family should function......boundaries and respect are two important ingredients to a functioning family system...I agree. I think that health, acceptance and a certain amount of selflessness comes if you have the first two ingredients. But people are also human, so no family is perfect...but I'd have loved a family like you describe!


I know @TruthSeeker , I sort of have experienced both the worst and the best. Very demoralizing with the negative. Big hugs to you xox.

Ps, totally wrong of them re adoption. My mom had an adopted sister and they were as close as 2 peas in a pod. I am so sorry. :*(