Childhood A Very Very Young Memory. Have you head of this?


I was at a gaming site the other day an a person entered with the name "zipperfish". It hit me immediately. I remembered being a baby and the zipper fish.

For those of you who do not know, it is one way a pedophile begins grooming VERY young children. When they are little they know a "fish" does a mouth open and close like "wah -wah" They imitate that,. (Show me a fish.... and they open and close their mouth) They really only see the mouth opening and closing. Well the pedophile takes his penis out between his zipper and holds and squeezes the head so that the tip looks like a mouth "wah-wah". And then they say, "Kiss the fish". And babies do that..... BABIES DO THAT. Everyone I asked had never heard of that and I wanted to share this experience. But I am not sure it is a wide known term. I know it is also a show mow, but originally this is what it meant.

ZIPPERFISH. I have not talked to anyone who knows that term. Even my older sister (10 yrs my senior) doesn't remember her childhood. The term means nothing to her, It is something that occurs so early in life that it is really just forgotten. Like Pee-a-Boo, the fish hides and comes out, " Here I am". The BABYS know no difference. Babies, before they can speak, will imitate a fish mouth movement around the pedophile because they are well rewarded for playing the game.
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