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A vicious circle - Anxious Anticipating Anxiety

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Hey everyone, Tonight I’ve been having some bad anxiety and I’m not 100% sure why but i think I am anxious right now because I’m anticipating getting anxiety later. Last night when I was with my family, there was a lot of stimulation going on, and I got really bad anxiety and I also wanted want to leave the room but I felt guilty because they wanted to spend time with me and the dogs were in there prime time getting into stuff (ones still in that puppy phase). Usually when I feel anxious, I try to separate myself from whatever is giving me anxiety if I’m able to pinpoint it and if it’s something I can’t get away from for example, if it were a work project, I can’t really get away from that, but if it’s a lot of stimulation, I can leave the room and go somewhere quiet, I digress. Am I overthinking this or am I alone here with having anxiety because I’m afraid you’re gonna have anxiety if that makes sense?
I’m afraid you’re gonna have anxiety if that makes sense?
Oh heck yeah it makes sense. One of the big parts of this for me is rumination - that vicious circle of thoughts that thinks about and dreams up every worst case scenario under the sun.

Finding ways to break that cycle of thought is a challenge many of us face. You need something engaging enough to keep your mind away from those thoughts. Not easy sometimes but as a shameless plug - the Social forums here often work for that for me. Really. Thinking and typing and composing an answer has you thinking about that instead of feeding the whirlwind of thought......
Not open for further replies.