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A Voice for PTSD

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The following from a Marine.

"I used to be one of those Marines who said that post-traumatic stress is a bunch of bull," said Ryan Briones, who has prescriptions for anti-depressants and sleeping pills. "But all this stuff that keeps going through my head is eating me up. I need immediate help."

This statement just jumped me personally, because this is the exact thing that I think most of us initially think, and especially prevalent within society as a whole. Piglet is seeing that now, as an example, with employment and PTSD. This isn't just about the sufferers coming to terms with PTSD, but society as a whole, the world as a whole, because its real, its life threatening, and it has no cure.

People should use that statement above, and quote it to people who think the same as most do about mental illness... "get over it", etc etc.
Not open for further replies.