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A year and a surprise

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It has been been 2 years since my boyfriend Nicholas and I started dating.It was 2 years ago this month we met and he has been good to me.He loves and accepts me for who I am,did tell him I am a transsexual before I started dating during my transition.Plus he has been also supportive of my transition.Met him through a co worker of mine.Also told him I have PTSD,he watches what he says around me.I love him a lot for what he has done for me and he loves me still although I made the decision not to have the gender corrective surgery.It was yesterday at my dad's place with family and friends around he surprised me.Said he had to go back to his truck for something.Came back with something in his left pants pocket getting on one knee and pulled it out.It was a black box with an engagement ring.I was tearing up and asked me to marry him,told him yes.Nicholas knew it was time and now a wedding next year to be planned


Congratulations!!!! So awesome to see some good news and something to celebrate!!! Many years of love and being best friends first and foremost. That will get you thru many times ahead!!

Doing the happy dance. Hugs if you accept.
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