Abandonment Wound?


I was thinking more about this too @enough , to not want is not to be in want. And for eg, SI is often from not wanting to be receiving what no one should, or conversely not wanting to becoming the same, either. Just out.

I think like talking about Shimmerville, many of us want out. We don't want what others have, we just want our own peace. JMHO though.

Sorry @enough , am on the run, should have finished above with the most important: you are Exactly right, sever the emotional connections of those who abandoned, those who abuse; see them for what their actions reveal, for your own peace. There's a really big difference between everyone is human and makes mistakes, and abuse, abandonment and lies. And oddly, they will always (if living) expect you to shoulder the blame, and give what they withhold, and then blame you for what they themselves do.

Good luck with your journey. Peace to you.
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