Addiction to iPad; leaving for awhile


I will miss all of you. But my life is out of control with my iPad. I need to put it away and live my real life. Not that on line is not real at times. My husband is kindly holding me accountable. This is my drug of choice and I have tried to monitor it…unsuccessfully. I continue with all of you to strive for control of my life, watch the signals, let my brain and consequence outcome lead rather than just react. We are all on a journey. This day is the day I have to work the work for what arises. Thank you again. real name Merry
That's OK, @Maximus - at the end of the day, everything we do is so we can live our lives fully - and sometimes getting away from the computer is a big part of that. Take care of yourself, and the site will be here if you ever need it.